Alarm triggered when internet DOWN

Hello, All,

What would happen in this scenario?

Smart things + ZWave Door Sensors + Fortress Z-wave siren + Sonos.
Internet is down and a burglar triggers the door sensor.
Is the siren going to turn on to deter the invader?
Is it possible to have a message played on the sonos without internet?

Is it possible to work around the issues without internet?
This is basically all i am missing for considering Smartthings as an excellent replacement for a regular alarm system.



SmartThings relies on an internet connection to execute behavior in the cloud. The siren is not going to turn on, if your internet connection is down.

Having said that, there are many ways you can improve the reliability of your internet connection, such as for example, buying a router with 4G/Cellular failover. Take a look at the CradlePoint products, such as this one.

Actually, most Z-Wave devices support “direct associations”, meaning that a motion or a door sensor can turn on lights, for example, without a controller (hub) acting as intermediary. However, this is not meant for alarm application since associations are “static” and cannot be turned on and off dynamically.

If you’re concerned about Internet outage impairing your alarm system, you may consider installing inexpensive ($100 or so) alarm panel and use it as a backup.