Intermatic CA3000 controller switch not working

I am migrating from a Vera 2, which I have had for about 4 years. I have CA600 for the main light switches/dimmers throughout the house and CA3000s for the 2nd switches. I am able to pair the CA600s and control them, without issues. When I pair the CA3000s and create the on/off trigger. The CA3000s becomes in paired when setting up the on/off in same trigger or won’t work with just the trigger doing the on…

Get an aeotec minimote to setup associations directly — that’s going to be your best/fastest option of you have a number to configure. Alternatively, you can track down a specialized device type that Duncan created to setup associations within smartthings, but you’ll need to be able to follow the directions and navigate the IDE a bit.

So pretty much, return the smartthing hub, and stay on the vera 2, the light switches work flawlessly within vera. I just purchased the smarttgings because of the echo integration.

I have 15 CA3000s to hand code for smart things to work or just manually configure the voice commands in vera to echo

Whatever works for you.

Takes about 20 seconds per switch with the minimote.

Just figured out how to use them… you got to change the device type to Z-Wave Switch on the developers website…