Integration with NordPool Power Exchange?

Is there an existing integration with Power Exchange (such as Nordpool in Scandinavia) so I can set rules for heaters etc based on the current electricity cost. We do have different plan so Electricity cost can vary per hour, average per day or a fixed price for a period of time.

First rule of Home Automation: “the model number matters.” Or in this case, the specific service.

Some services do offer integration possibilities, or an open API, many do not. So the first thing is to check with the electricity provider to see what options they might have for third-party integration. :thinking:

It appears that NordPool does offer some possibilities since there is a home assistant integration available.

I am changing the title of your thread to be more specific, so hopefully if there is one already developed for SmartThings, someone will know. :sunglasses:

If by chance you were just using NordPool as an example, and you are actually interested in a different power exchange, please give us the specific name, and we can change the title to that.

More good news: It looks like hubitat has an integration working, so if someone is interested, it should be doable, but I haven’t heard of one for SmartThings yet.

Here is the information on the hubitat integration if anybody does want to look into it further

Thanks for the reply @JDRoberts! Ok that you changed title. :wink: Hopefully someone has worked on such integration also for SmartThings.

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