Integration with Airmega HEPA Filter

Can this be expected anytime soon?

Probably no particular reason to expect it to be soon.

How does that device communicate with its mobile app? Bluetooth? Wifi? If it’s internet connected, does it have an open API? If so, that’s probably your best bet.

It uses Wifi, doesn’t seem to be an open API but they just added Alexa support today and they say IFTT is coming.

I would also like this, it seems someone has done it with homebridge, so I’m guessing it’s possible. I just can’t code anywhere near enough to do it myself. Hello World seems to be beyond me…

Anyone want a challenge?!?!!!?!!

I might take a crack at it when I get the time and the Alexa integration + smartplug combination doesn’t work well. Is Homebridge still the only integration outside of Alexa available? I was hoping for at least IFTTT support.

Any luck? I just got my Airmega 400S today and my work around is to just have my sonos speak out “Hey google, turn on/off the Living room Air Purifier” when we all come home/all leave the house. Definitely not perfect, but until they add IFTTT for more direct control, it will have to do

I haven’t had time to look at it, and unfortunately don’t expect to in the near future due to work, but Alexa integration does suck. I should try your hack with my Google Home Mini in the mean time.

I have four AirMega 300s air filters and a 1512HHs that I automate with Google Home and webcore. Coway air filters (s models that have wifi) now support Google, so Google Home sees the devices. I use webcore and Google Assistant Relay (running on a Pi 3b) to speak (silently) to Google, which then makes the changes to the air filters. I use four Awair devices to monitor the air quality and crank up the air filters when VOCs or PM25 increase in a room. I also automate turning on and off the lights on the air filters (going to bed/waking up) and to reset the filters to filter mode when they go to sleep (want constant air filtration).

I use smart power plugs to monitor the wattage used by each filter, which tells me what fan level they are using so I can change the level as needed (Google integration allows you to change the fan level, but not tell what the level is set to). So if I notice medium levels of VOCs in a room, automation turns up the air filter to medium. I also watch for power changes and log to Google Sheets so I can tell how often my air filters are running on low/med/hi, and why (match with VOCs or PM25).