Compatible Air purifiers within the UK

As the title suggests. Having looked on Amazon I was going to get a ‘normal’ one and use a smart plug but most are digital power on/off so likely won’t switch back on if using a smart plug.
Would love some recommendations if anyone have any.


  1. Meross has one for the UK that works with SmartThings, but I don’t know what features you get. Change the settings on the page to UK to see the options there.

Meross Smart Air Purifier, Works with Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant – Meross Official Store

  1. If you just want one-way integration to turn it on and off, you can accomplish that via Alexa routines with a lot of different brands. :wind_face: I have a couple of Levoit Alexa-enabled models we use this way, But changes made on the device itself or its own app won’t be reflected in the SmartThings app. :thinking:
  1. Samsung makes its own air purifiers, but I don’t know if they’re sold in the UK. And some community members have reported that the app integration doesn’t seem to work. So I list these for completeness, but hopefully someone who knows more will say if they are working.
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We use a Levoit, the wifi version which works with Echo
Create a few virtual switches in ST and tie them in with some Echo commands and its good enough
The Levoit takes care of itself with regard to speed , so i dont need a visual display in ST


Thanks all. Went with this one. See how it is and if I can feel any difference in the air. ( never had one before )

If it’s that’s good I’d like to get some smaller cheaper ones for all the rooms in the home.