Integrating WiFi Switches/Plugs that use the Tuya SmartLife App or eWeLink app

How exactly are you using Alexa for this? I am trying to figure out if I can use Google Home, but haven’t been able to wrap my head around it.

At the present time, Alexa offers an option which Google home does not. That is, you can create an Alexa routine (not a smartthings routine) which can use a sensor triggering as the “if“ and then almost anything that Alexa can do as the “that,” including turning on another device. So this is a good way to create an integration between smartthings and another device that Alexa can control. :sunglasses:.

Here’s the community FAQ on that method. Unfortunately, however, as of the time of this writing (March 2020) google has not offered anything similar. They have promised to add more routines functionality sometime this year, but no details on what it will be yet.

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

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There isn’t anyway just with the Alexa routine. There are a couple of options. Basically you have to look for an environmental change that could be recognized by smartthings. The most obvious would be a light sensor. So that when the tuya light was turned off, smart things could recognize that the room had gone dark. Obviously that won’t work for everyone, but it will work for some.

But otherwise, you are correct: it’s really only a one-way integration.

I think I’ll just give a bit more time to Tuya / Globe Suite to fix their integration with ST and unless this happen soon I’ll just upgrade those few Tuya bulbs that I have to something that integrates with ST properly like Philips hue or something.

Oh and … Dear Samsung/Smartthings please hire @JDRoberts already :slight_smile: Your customer support rating will improve massively if you

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Thanks for the shout, but in real life I am completely unreliable and the stress from trying and failing to be reliable is bad for my health. No, really. :sunglasses:

I have a few bulbs and a Wifi LED string on the Smartlife app. Currently I skip ST completely and just use IFTTT and Google Home. Voice works for on/off as noted… to change colors on the string I built a bunch of scenes. From within IFTTT you can use Google Assistance to Smartlife and link voice phrase to the scene. Not ideal, but its the only I can see getting colors to change via voice. So far all these work ok… not ideal. and given Lightify bulbs and strings are dropping in price, I may just replace the few Wifi bulbs/strings with zigbee.

please let everybody know

globe integration now online

Sorry for what may be an obvious question but does this mean that by making a connection to a Smart Life account using Global Suite, I will be able to interact from within Smartthings, to devices that have been registered to that Smart Life account?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, if your devices are “Globe Suite” brand. If another brand then the answer was yes, late last year, but it has since been restricted to Globe Suite products.

Note: “Globe Suite” rather than “Global Suite”

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Thank you. That makes sense from other info I’ve come across.
That’s a shame though, as I already have some devices in Smart Life but they aren’t Global Suite products and as I’m in the UK, Global Suite products don’t seem to be readily available here.
Maybe in time there will be an official Tuya to Smartthings link that we can use. Fingers crossed.

looks like the Smart Things <=> IFTTT <=> Smart Life integration is still borked. I just added it today and the devices turn off / on every 60 seconds or so.

I have some GoSund devices that I control the the Smart Life app, could I reset those devices and load them into Globe Suite, and then have direct SmartThings <=> Globe Suite Integration? Is that the recommended solution?

Unfortunately that won’t work either. Since the original beta test, the globe suite integration has been locked down and now works only with devices of their own brand. :disappointed_relieved:

You can get in touch with GoSund and ask them if they can add their own smartthings integration.

Also, you can use Alexa routines as a means of partial integration if that’s of any help. See option 4 in the FAQ:

FAQ: WIFI Devices in ST? How can I integrate a WiFi or Bluetooth device that isn’t on the official compatibility list?

Unfortunately I’m a Google Home user. I’ll keep looking around.

To those of you still waiting for a solution here, a partial solution is available assuming you have the same use case.

I wanted to add the smart life devices to smart things so that I could use the motion sensor automation to turn on / off the lights when there is motion detected and not detected. If you follow the solution in this thread, but only enable the SmartLife to SmartThings automation for both On & Off, the solution will work for most cases.

The edge case is if you toggle the light thru and outside source and the two get out of sync. In this scenario, as long as your no-motion routine eventually fires, it will force the virtual device to turn off, which should put them back in sync. Personally, I don’t use a lot of external sources to turn the lights on and off like alexa or google home, so this partial solution has been working fine for me.


Smart life just announced that they will stop using IFTTT…this morning

Since I used a virtual switch on smartthings to use the smart life devices, with ifttt in between…what would be the next solution…any idea ?

Here is the solution


You can use the Amazon Alexa app as a “man in the middle” for partial integration, although it may not be enough for your needs. :disappointed_relieved: It’s easy to set it up to control plugs, but if you have SmartLife wall switches, there’s no way to let SmartThings know that the switch was controlled at the wall. So just depends on the details of what you need.

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

They announced it a while back. Today they actually shut it down. Depending on what actual device you have, if it supports flashing Tasmota, that’s a great alternative to using Smartlife altogether. Most plugs can be flashed without any soldering, just using a RPi.


home assistant habitat that is it…

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In the Paul Hubbard video that @leonardo09 linked to, he says two things:

One) Ifttt has raised their charges to the device company, which is why some of the device companies are dropping them

Two) specifically for devices that use the smartlife app, there is an Australian company called “brilliant smart home“ which has a reskinned version of the smartlife app and has their own Ifttt channel. So if you add your Devices to the “brilliant smart home“ app you can then use their IFTTT channel. And Hibbard says that that company has told him they are very recently renewed with Ifttt, so they should be available for at least one year. (However, it’s not clear to me what will happen if the company finds that it’s costing them too much money to support brands other than their own.)

Hibbard suggests you use that app for now while you look for a longer-term solution.

Note that the one that he is talking about is “brilliant smart“ from Australia, not “brilliant smart home control“ which is a different company.

This is the one:


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