Integrating Tuya/Zigbee Intercom and NVR with Frame television?

I’m pretty new to this smart home set ups. Hope you can help.

I am trying to buy a TUYA enabled NVR for a 16 channel cctv system. I also want to add a TUYA wired inter com system.

What I want to do is if motion is detected infront of the gate or if bell is pressed, I want the frame tv to switch from art mode to viewing the camera screen. Is it possible to accomplish it with smart things and Tuya/Zigbee

If you are looking for something cloud/direct integrated with ST, then the answer is no.

Neither the NVR, nor the camera, nor the doorbell integrate nativelly with ST.

But I see some light in the end of the tunnel.

Probably, the zigbee doorbell would be the easiest part to integrate with custom zigbee driver.
If the NVR has somekind of API, it also probably could be integrated with custom lan driver.

Does this TV model allow changing the source by a routine/automation from the ST app ?
If the NVR is wired to the TV, then you could change the TV source.

I haven’t seen any custom driver to stream camera.

So, you would need to develop 2 custom drivers and have NVR wired to the TV.

Probably, you would have more luck in having things cloud/direct integrated using a mix of Home Assistant and SmartThings.

Zigbee itself isn’t used for video or audio: it can’t carry messages that large. So Wi-Fi or wired ethernet is usually used for video doorbells and intercoms, including I believe all of the Tuya models.

Tuya does make some intercoms which Have a Zigbee radio as well, but it is used as a control station for communicating with tuya Zigbee devices like sensors and light switches. And unfortunately the Zigbee profile that smartthings uses only allows for one controller per Zigbee network. So you can’t at present bring Zigbee devices connected to a tuya controller into the smartthings app.

That’s doesn’t mean it’s not possible to display third-party cameras on a Samsung frame television, it just means that the Zigbee part is irrelevant to that process. And the smartthings app may be as well, I’m not familiar enough with the television functions that are available to it.

But I know from other community discussions that most people seem to be using some combination of Chromecast to get integration between camera systems and Samsung smart televisions. So I just throw that out as another research possibility. :thinking:

The following article has a good discussion of some of the options. Note, however that when it specifically says you can watch a Camera which has been added to your smartthings app, there are only a few thirdparty brands of cameras that work with SmartThings directly, basically ring or Arlo, and not all of their models. You can’t add a tuya camera/video doorbell to the smartthings app at present. So you’ll need to look at the other methods discussed in the article, such as the Chromecast option I mentioned.

I have a 2018 Samsung TV which is about the time the Frame TV was introduced. While it can support selecting to play content from physical connections, DLNA sources, and apps using the ST app, Routines are limited to selecting content only from the physical connections and the native TV tuner. There are additional commands that are available via the APIs, but those are not exposed via Routines in the ST app. So, I’d say, if the OP can physically connect his camera system to the TV, he can achieve his goal. If not, I don’t think it’s doable.

 1   ocf                            
 2   switch                         
 3   audioVolume                    
 4   audioMute                      
 5   tvChannel                      
 6   mediaInputSource               
 7   mediaPlayback                  
 8   mediaTrackControl              
 9   custom.error                   
 10  custom.picturemode             
 11  custom.soundmode               
 12  custom.accessibility           
 13  custom.launchapp               
 14  custom.recording               
 15  custom.tvsearch                
 16  custom.disabledCapabilities    
 17  samsungvd.remoteControl        
 18  samsungvd.ambient              
 19  samsungvd.ambientContent       
 20  samsungvd.ambient18            
 21  samsungvd.mediaInputSource     
 22  refresh                     
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Understood. Not directly. But if someone added a streaming device like a fire TV or a Chromecast, I think it likely that the camera system could connect to that and the images could be viewed that way. :thinking:

Yes, you could select a FireTV or Chromecast device as the source via a Routine. The challenge then becomes selecting the source on those devices that can receive the camera content. With a FireTV, you could probably use a ST virtual device in an Alexa routine to switch to the camera stream app. Don’t know about the Chromecast. In any case, there are definitely a lot moving parts.

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