Integrating the Qubino Flush 2 Relay Issue

I added the Qubino Flush 2 Relay and child handlers from Eric Maycock to my account then added the device using the same browser app. However on the Android app the device is NOT seen. The device info in from the web app shows:
|Name |Waterfall|
|Label |Waterfall|
|Type |Qubino Flush 2 Relays|
|Version |Published|
|Device Network Id |17279B2FB139|
|Status |ACTIVE|
|Hub |Home Hub|
|Last Activity At |2018-01-11 2:29 PM PST|
|Date Created |2018-01-11 2:29 PM PST|
|Last Updated |2018-01-11 2:29 PM PST|
|Data |No data found for device|
|Current States |No states found|
|Execution Location |Cloud|
|Events |List Events| {no events listed}

What am I missing?

You should be adding the device handler only from the IDE (browser app). After that you need to add the device itself from the Android app by pressing the Add a Thing button and following the inclusion instructions that came with the Qubino.

Hi @lelynch. I did it using the Eric’s Maycock handler, but I have the same problem.
In any of the apps classic or new I can not pair the Qubino flush 2 relay.
I am using a Smatthings V3 hub and Qubino flush 2 relay.

Do I need to have a SmartApp as well?