Connecting ST w/ Apple Homekit via HomeBridge and using Siri, also looking for recommendations as well

I am a former Wink user and I am trying to connect everything, it was not compatible with Homekit and I would like to try Homekit because I have not used it before.

I have 2 STs, Nest Thermostat, 3 Google Speakers, Quirky / GE Outlink, GE Link Bulbs, Apple TV 4, Rokus, Rachio irrigation system.

I have connected my Nest, Bulbs, Google Speakers, and Outlink for my tankless heater with ST so far. I am still learning how SmartThings works. Any recommendations that can improve my setup (e.g., automations)?

I installed Homebridge and the Homekit app but I have not been able to connect ST to see it under Homekit. I might be missing part to make this work.

Furthermore, would like to use siri to turn on lights and other devices (e.g. tankless heater), would that go through Homekit or else? It does not seem that iOS shortcuts do not work with siri. I was using Yonomi for this with Wink and I have realized that Yonomi is not compatible with ST.


Follow the instructions

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I have homebridge 2.0 installed but I am trying to figure out if I will be using the Homekit app to control ST or the other way?

I have been able to add my lights and switch in homebridge, I have not been able to connect homebridge with my Apple TV 4 after going through the instructions.

I am having an issue with the Nest Manager. When I click on “login to Nest” to authorize ST, It goes to… but the page is blank. I am sure Google probably broke this integration.


You can use both apps if you like, there is nothing limiting you to either one. You can also use a 3rd party homekit app you are not limited to Apple’s app.

That is correct, I’m pretty certain the homebridge plugin for nest does not have this issue, but I’d double check to be sure.

I may be missing how to connect the Apple TV to Homebridge, I just cannot find it. This only works with the classic ST app?

Wink also no longer works for the Nest from google. It seems only the nest or google home app to control it.


I tried with Classic ST-

I was able to login to Nest Manager, afterwards I selected “allow”, an error shows up at the top the page. “Oops! We’ve encountered an error. Please try again”. Does not change after trying again.

Trying the Homebridge instructions again:

  • Select Homebridge v2 from the choices on the list.
  • Configuring the App: In Define Device Types there are 8 inputs that can be used to force a device to be discovered as a specific type in HomeKit. NOTE: Do not select the same device in more that one input. If you select a device here, do not select that same device in the other device inputs on the previous page.For any other devices you would like to add that weren’t added in the previous step, just tap on the input next to an appropriate device group and then select each device you would like to use. (The same devices can be selected in any of the Sensor, Switch, Other inputs)

I defined my few lights and selecting my one switch, it did not seem I could type Homekit somewhere, in the end nothing shows up in the homekit app.

The latest SmartThings app requires verification every time I use it. Is there way to avoid this? It is annoying,