Integrating a new Z-Wave 700 device (S2 security) with Smartthings via Smartstart


A V3 hub has landed on my desk & I’m developing a device handler. The newly developed though not yet Z-wave approved device is a combination Panic Alarm and Fall Detector.

Unlike S0 Security, S2 security requires user interaction when adding new nodes and replacing failed nodes, so I’m hoping to take things down the SmartStart route.

Unsurprisingly, scanning my QR code with the SmartThings app results in “This device can’t be added using a QR code”.

Do my question is - How are QR codes provisioned in this platform? I see no reference to this in SmartThings device handler. Any thoughts?


SmartStart is not yet supported in SmartThings: they got a waiver on the S2 requirements when the hub was released with the understanding that it would be added sometime later.

The QR Code feature at present is only for some Samsung brand smart WiFi devices.

Thanks JDRoberts, That’s a serious PITA. I’m pretty new to this hub & suspect that they’re lagging somewhat. The link was useful & now I think I’m rolling back from S2 to S0.

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