Integrated led floor lamp with simple on/off switch suggestion

I’m looking for an integrated led floor lamp with a simple on off switch so I can use it with a Zwave controlled outlet. I know I can use a regular floor lamp with an led bulb for this but it seems like the quality is going down on regular floor lamps on the cheap end. I’d like to keep it under $50 for the lamp and have a spot lamp. If any one has a floor lamp they use and like please let me know.

There would seem to be four possible approaches.

  1. Use a smart power socket, Z-Wave, Zigbee or other linked to the Smartthings hub
  2. Use a smart bulb in the light fitting, this could also be paired with a wireless switch
  3. Get a smart floor lamp but then you are very limited on choices and not all of them will link to Smartthings
  4. Use an in-line Z-Wave cable switch like this

The last of these might not be available in the US. It is also according to reports subject to an annoying buzzing.

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I am using a NuTone NPD300Z plug-in switch/dimmer for a floor lamp near my desk. It has a “load sense” feature which means you can turn the light off via a z wave command, but will still turn on by use of the switch lamp. If it is turned off via z wave and the lamp switch is on, you have to cycle the lamp switch to off then back on to make it work. The dimmer functions through z wave only. I haven’t seen many other devices withe the load sense feature and I don’t believe this one is listed as “works with SmartThings” but it has been working very well for me.

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Load sense was a very popular feature In home automation systems back in the 90s before Z wave was created. You saw It in a lot of X 10 and insteon devices. But it does tend to confuse people, and it’s no longer the default parameter on most home automation devices.

That said, many US brands do offer it as a parameter setting. Both Leviton and GE have zwave devices with this parameter option. See the following discussion:

Is there a load sensing in-wall receptacle?

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I ended up just buying a cheap 3 light fixture and put cree connected bulbs in them since they were $4 a piece.

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