Dumb Floor Lamp Integration to Smart Things

Hi everyone.

I need help integrating my dumb Floor lamp in my living room to Smart Things in my home. I have the following. I would like to somehow splice and have a switch for my wife to push and still be able to have it connected to ST. As is, the Smart Switch turns the light off completely and my wife is clicking the main switch on the lamp with no result. Funny and painfull…For Me :joy:

How about just using a ST smartpower-outlet?
How many bulbs in your floor lamp?

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I was using an outlet on one of my lamps and just switch to a Cree Connect bulb, re-purposed the outlet, and with the Cree you get dimming too… To keep people from fiddling with the lamp manually if you unscrew the knob actuator with the lamp on you are essentially hard-wiring the smart bulb. Then just put a Minimote in the room or rig up another controller or apps (like Double Tap, but it never worked well for me) to control the bulb.

Cree bulb I can use, but the WA factor is not good as she cannot turn it on with a push switch.

As long as there is something networked about the lamp, either the bulb or plugged into a smart receptacle, you can add a separate battery operated toggle switch and solve the issue that way. Wall mount or tabletop. Works very well and high xAF. :slight_smile:

I had a similar situation. I have a tcp bulb in the floor lamp and replaced the wall switch with a Linear wt00z-1. This linear switch does not control a load. I then used the Big Switch smartapp to turn on, off and dim the tcp bulb whenever such an action occurred in the physical switch. On occasion there is upto a 5 second delay but it is usually pretty quick.

that is one of my problems.

My eventual plan is to remove the tcp bulb from the floor lamp and plug the lamp into plug-in dimmer. Then using a minimote, associate the plug-in dimmer with the linear wt00z. This should remove any latency issues.

I tried that, but the wife still needs a hard switch at the lamp.

I think I am going to open up the
And hack the circuitry to the existing

Cross your fingers…If it works, I will marry two things and get a crude Hack for ST.