Integrate SONOS BEAM with Australian version of ST

Merry Xmas all…
Got a SONOS BEAM for Xmas and like to add it.
I’m on the **Australian **Australian Version of ST which doesn’t show SONOS under “brands”.
Scans nearby - no result
I have added a speaker previously but for the life of me I can’t remember how - I think I used the old App

Hey Christian, I’m in NZ same issue emailed ST but still haven’t heard unsure why it would only support the US seems odd, Did you get yours to work or any workaround?


Same issue here. Any ideas?

Hi all - The Sonos integration (including the Beam) is supported globally wherever SmartThings hubs are available, which would include the Australia and New Zealand.

I’m not sure why the Sonos logo isn’t showing up in the catalog for the AU and NZ regions, I’ll dig into that. For the interim, you should be able to add Sonos devices by clicking on “Scan Nearby” under the “Device Add” menu. Alternatively you can click on another brand logo that will trigger LAN discovery on the hub, e.g. Bose or Belkin Wemo. If you are still experiencing issues, send me a DM and I can investigate further.