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Integrate Anki's Robots into SmartThings platform?


Hi All,

Adding @vlad.

We really need to have this Robot integrated into the Samsung SmartThings platform. It has greate potantial to be many things:

  1. Robot Guard Dog
  2. Mode/Sceen controller based on human presence in home.
    This company will be opening an SDK at lunch of this new model.

(vlad) #2

:slight_smile: Sounds like a fun project for someone in the community.

  1. Create a python webapp that uses the cozmo sdk
  2. Expose app to the internet (ngrok)
  3. Create a cloud-to-cloud app (


If someone more skilled at coding would make this a reality, I would be a first beta tester.

(ilker Aktuna) #4

If we can access to the Vector’s REST API (reverse engineering), I would like to make a device handler to control it through ST.
I need to sniff HTTPS traffic between my phone and Vector. I’m trying to sniff using MITM , Charles Proxy.
I just have issues with SSL certificates.

it seems we’ll have REST API access:

I think I found a way to post commands to Anki Vector from ST. (without ever using any 3rd party like a Raspberry PI)
However I need to learn how to post (hubaction) to an IP with a certificate.
Any clues on that ?

for example, the following curl command is successful for sending a command to Vector with no certificate use. How can I use hubaction command same way ?

curl --header “Authorization: Bearer putGuidHere” --request POST --data ‘{“text”: “Pizza”,“use_vector_voice”: true,“duration_scalar”: 1.0}’ https://vector.local/v1/say_text –insecure

(ilker Aktuna) #7


I’ve solved the issue about getting GUID from the cloud.
Now I need to make hub send command to Vector via HTTPS POST
But there’s a problem.

I’ve described here:

I’d appreciate if anyone can help me.



This code looks promising, but I agree, that we need a fresh pair of eyes to get us to home stretch.