Integrate Anki's Robots into SmartThings platform?

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Adding @vlad.

We really need to have this Robot integrated into the Samsung SmartThings platform. It has greate potantial to be many things:

  1. Robot Guard Dog
  2. Mode/Sceen controller based on human presence in home.
    This company will be opening an SDK at lunch of this new model.

:slight_smile: Sounds like a fun project for someone in the community.

  1. Create a python webapp that uses the cozmo sdk
  2. Expose app to the internet (ngrok)
  3. Create a cloud-to-cloud app (

If someone more skilled at coding would make this a reality, I would be a first beta tester.

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If we can access to the Vector’s REST API (reverse engineering), I would like to make a device handler to control it through ST.
I need to sniff HTTPS traffic between my phone and Vector. I’m trying to sniff using MITM , Charles Proxy.
I just have issues with SSL certificates.

it seems we’ll have REST API access:

I think I found a way to post commands to Anki Vector from ST. (without ever using any 3rd party like a Raspberry PI)
However I need to learn how to post (hubaction) to an IP with a certificate.
Any clues on that ?

for example, the following curl command is successful for sending a command to Vector with no certificate use. How can I use hubaction command same way ?

curl --header “Authorization: Bearer putGuidHere” --request POST --data ‘{“text”: “Pizza”,“use_vector_voice”: true,“duration_scalar”: 1.0}’ https://vector.local/v1/say_text –insecure

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I’ve solved the issue about getting GUID from the cloud.
Now I need to make hub send command to Vector via HTTPS POST
But there’s a problem.

I’ve described here:

I’d appreciate if anyone can help me.


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This code looks promising, but I agree, that we need a fresh pair of eyes to get us to home stretch.

did anyone make any progress on this? not sure quite what it would be used for since the voice part of things is already answered by the fact it has alexa onboard now. but i guess it could be useful for him to start dancing or something if someone is at the door?

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The Anki robot can also be used a roaming motion detector aka Guard Dog while the owner is out.