SmartApp connector for Domoticz (or anything else)


I am trying to integrate my Domoticz installation into ST as cloud devices.

So far I have the following working:

  • A simple smartapp that pulls device info from a web server endpoint to create cloud devices; I have switches, and doors working well with my own simple device handlers
  • A web server endpoint that receives Domoticz notifications and updates switches and doors in ST using one of the commands available for each capability in ST, I do this using pysmartthings (github)

Why? I wanted to control my house via Bixby on my Samsung device without buying a ST hub (prefer to run my own hardware to handle the home - a little paranoid).

It all works brilliantly well.

Now I want to add the motion sensors and a presence sensor for the front door (a doorbell, but I could not really find anything appropriate)

The problem I have is that these don’t have commands, so I cannot update them.

I have read and read and I have the same problem as everyone else, the docs are not very good yet.

I thought of using a webhook endpoint to update the sensors, however I can’t seem to figure out how to get the endpoint url.

I have already updated the app with mappings and the simulator gives me the URL and the token, but when I install the app on my phone, how do I get those values???

Is there another way (besides polling - don’t think this is effective for sensors) that would work to update sensors?

Any help would be appreciated.

Would be happy to share all code if anyone is interested.