Secondary Controllers Needed

There needs to be some kinds of tabletop and multi-button wall controllers that can be added to the systemEvolve Tabletop
Wall controller

Yeah, I’d agree that something like this would be helpful.

I’m toying with the idea of mounting a cheap android tablet on a wall somewhere. I’ve heard others are doing that as well.

I also want to pursue @chrisb 's idea. I think this would be much more flexible and with the addition of REST endpoints to the SmartApp API, the client display could be as simple as a webpage.

I’ve seen the 2nd device around the office and it is in testing. I can try to confirm later this week if/when it will be supported. This is just the beginning. Many, many devices will integrate with the SmartThings platform in the future.

I previously used an Intermatic Z-Wave HA09 Remote Controller with my Homeseer Home Automation System. I used the controller as a quick-grab table top remote to control some lighting and the fireplace in my previous home.
Intermatic HA09 Z-Wave Remote Controller

I was able to add this controller to ST. For device type, it used or I selected “Z-Wave Remote”. The tile presently allows no control.

That said, I was able to Include 2 Things to the controller. One is a dimmable wall switch and one is a wall outlet. Both are already included to the ST hub. I am able to control both items using the remote controller.

It would be cool if the device capabilities get fully fleshed out in the device type such that I can actually see and use all 6 channels of the remote to control 6 separate Things.


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I have the second device shown in the original post, the GE 45631 Z-Wave Wireless Keypad Controller. It works great for controlling my basement lights, which have screw-in bulb modules.

I have noticed, however, that ST does not pick up state changes for those lights when I turn them on/off using the controller. This is pretty annoying.

@gray how has that GE Kepad Controller been working for you?
I was thinking of buying one of these to control devices and scenes so my wife has a physical switch and doesnt have to worry about pulling out her phone or using the ipad.

We have an ipad mini that is always in the living room (with a super protective case to prevent my kids from destroying it) and use this a lot but I feel like having a physical switch could help with company being over ect.