Insteon AllJoyn enabled hub is available for pre-orders

Shortly after releasing HomeKit-enabled hub, Insteon makes AllJoyn-enabled hub available for developers. Got to give it up to Insteon. They’re ahead of the pack in terms of adopting new standards and technologies.

While most people probably think of AllJoyn in terms of LG and Linux, Microsoft is jumping in in a big way with Windows 10, pretty much bypassing any need to create their own HomeKit competitor (and with no special chip requirement).

Given the existing Insteon/Microsoft partnership, adding AllJoyn makes sense.

Insteon is clearly betting on the future “flavors” model for Home Automation, much like mobile phones, where you’ll have a HomeKit setup or an AllJoyn setup or a Brillo set up, but not all 3 together.

It will be interesting to see where Samsung lands.

I’d guess Sumsung will try to spin their own and fail miserably. Tizen anyone? :smile:

Microsoft is jumping in in a big way with Windows 10,

Yep, Windows 10 will have full AllJoyn protocol stack baked in. As I mentioned in another thread they’ve open-sourced a Z-Wave-to-AllJoyn bridge that runs on RPi.


Maybe, although Samsung has leveraged Android well for phones and tablets. They’re in the Thread working group, they could go that direction as well.

@geko, do you know what radio(s) the Insteon alljoyn hub is using? Are they X.10, ZigBee, Z-Wave, WiFi or what??
I have been burnt so bad by Insteon products in the past but I have to say this looks interesting!!

Hardware-wise I think AllJoyn-enabled hub is the same as their HomeKit-enabled one, just different software stack. I.e. it has an Ethernet connection to your local network and can communicate with Insteon modules (both power-line and RF). It does not support Zigbee or Z-Wave. Refer to this white paper for details:

One hardware difference: I believe the HomeKit-enabled Insteon hub does have the HomeKit chip for security management.

But yeah, I haven’t heard anything about new antennas. AllJoyn runs over WiFi.

Yea that’s the same old stuff they have always used. I will never go back to that power-line crap. Just blows me away what people will put up. Someday someone is going to build a solution from the ground up that is rock solid reliable. My money is on Google Thread as they will support both ZigBee clusters and AllJoyn for the application layer on top of their IP based 802.15.4 radios. It is good to see AllJoyn being adopted so widely that is good for Microsoft as that is where they have hung their hat. Not so sure how solid the Microsoft / Insteon partnership is I think it stems from a personal relationship between a couple of executives. I hope Microsoft isn’t so in bed with them they cant take advantage of AllJoyn’s desire to run everywhere.

We have a couple of exciting years ahead of us!! And you know who is positioned the best to take advantage of all this? SmartThings!! Its good to see Samsung is part of the Thread alliance.

The Pre-Order for the AllJoyn enabled hub went out weeks, if not months ago. Other than the price tag INSTEON is providing zero details as far as availability goes. If the state of their current Windows apps are anything to go by, I don’t have a whole lot of confidence in them making this work.

Microsoft has also joined the Thread Group. Windows Blog July 2nd

It would be great if the v2 of the SmartThings Hub supported AllJoyn. Or better yet, an update brought it to all the hubs.

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Oh man I had not heard that!! This is getting real interesting!! I wish @urman would chime in from time to time on what he is working on!!

Any news regarding this? It’s almost a year ago Insteon announced the AllJoyn hub, but it’s still not available…

There’s been no joy in AllJoyn so far. Only about a dozen of certified devices were announced at CES. I’m not sure if any one of them is actually on the market.

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Alljoyn (Qualcomm) and Open Interconnect Consortium (Intel) have joined forced to create the OCF, Open Connectivity Foundation.

Sounds like “Losers of the World Unite!” movement is gaining momentum. :smiley:

BTW, Samsung’s SAMI is also in the IoTivity cohort. I wonder what @JDRoberts thinks about this development.

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As far as I can tell, Samsung joins pretty much everything that isn’t founded by Apple. :wink:

They’re members of the Zigbee Alliance, Zwave alliance, AllJoyn, Thread Group, Tizen Development Group, Bluetooth SIG, ioTivity…they’re everywhere!

Yeah, that pretty much spells “no commitment” to me. :slight_smile:

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