New brand: Innopia Smart Home - Z-wave and Zigbee devices

Saw this company at a tradeshow and asked a bit about their devices. Comparing to my Xiaomi door/window contacts, they seemed to be about the same size, maybe a bit bigger.

Checked their website and found they have a video in English. Seems to be connected to Alljoyn/Allseen Alliance

Anyone seen these products out in the wild?

Be patient, because this explanation is going to be pretty technical.

Innopia is a platform developer. They started in media streaming a few years and now they’re into IOT with an emphasis on media streaming.

Their MagicCast hub is based on AllJoyn, and they are a member of the AllSeen Alliance.


Microsoft developed the ADSB (AllJoyn Device System Bridge) to allow an AllJoyn system to create virtual representations of devices of other protocols, including Z wave and zigbee, so that those devices could be managed in an AllJoyn system.

The DSB adapts non-AllJoyn devices to the AllJoyn eco-system so that the adapted devices can interoperate with AllJoyn as their common language. Microsoft DSB’s support home automation systems such as Zigbee, and Z-Wave, and can even support industrial building automation systems such as BACnet. Additionally, the source code is available for customization to support other technologies

This is a one-way integration only – – it does not expose the other devices on the AllJoyn bus to the Z wave controller, for example.

Back to Innopia

They appear to be using the ADSP for their Z wave integration. They are not themselves building any zwave devices, at least they haven’t certified any.

Instead, they have an AllJoyn hub, they have some AllJoyn devices that work with it, and they have packages which offer Z wave devices from other manufacturers, like the Aeotech and Ecolink sensors.

All of which is to say, if you saw Innopia brand sensors, they aren’t likely to be compatible with SmartThings, and they probably weren’t zwave.

But it is quite possible that and an Innopia representative could show you an Innopia hub and tell you that it would work with SmartThings brand zigbee sensors or Z wave devices. But again, it’s a one-way integration, those devices could be exposed to their hub, but you can’t bring the information back to SmartThings again as far as I know.

If you do see an Innopia-branded zwave device, let us know. :sunglasses:

Thanks for that explanation. Got it.

The sales rep’s English was a bit broken, so was hard to get technical. I tried best I could to verify the capabilities of their showroom installation. Seemed snappy enough. Spot on about the media streaming focus, one of the reasons I attended the IBC tradeshow.

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