Installing multiple schedules per light

(Michael Barry) #1

I can’t seem to install multiple schedules per light (for different modes). I feel like I must be missing something. Every time I go into the light, and pick “schedule on”. I can set it up the first time, but the second time it says “Already Configured”. This prevents me from having different schedules per mode, which defeats the purpose of having modes in the first place!

(Bruce) #2

You just have to put multiple instances of shortcuts to the light in Lights & Switches. Those are just shortcuts, and any number of them can point to the same physical device. So you can have as many different means to control a given device as you want. Be sure to use the “Only when mode is…” feature…

(Pizzinini) #3

Here is a suggestion (unless this is what you are already trying to do):

  • Scroll dow non the dashboard in the iphone app until you see the circle with the “+” and tap it ot get to the “SmartSetup” Menu.
  • Swipe to the right to the “Actions” menu
  • Tap the first Menu item "Lighting"
    There are “Turn Lights on using a schedule” and a “Turn Light off using a schedule” apps. For every scheduled event/light you set up one instance of the app.

(Michael Barry) #4

Thanks for this. It solved my problem. What a crappy workaround.