Scheduling Lighting

Forgive me for possibly missing something (very new to ST) but I’m having issues understanding a simple way to schedule a lighting group using the iOS app under the following scenarios:

On at 6am
Off at 8am
On at 7pm
off at 10pm

On at 7pm
Off at 10pm

I see that under Dashboard>SmartSetup>Actions actions you can turn on lights using a schedule (limited to days of the week) but I don’t see a turn off option.

Dashboard settings on a lighting group let you turn on and off (once?) so that doesn’t help with the multiple on / off each day.

Finally the Hello menu lets you do multiple modes but they don’t appear to have the day of the week option.

The only other thing I found was IFTTT which I’m fine with using but I wanted to be sure I’m not making this too hard. Thanks in advance.

I see this as a gap in our offering and I am sure we will address. If you really want to do this on a schedule (and not based on presence, etc) I suggest setting up phrases using Hello, Home based on those times and have the changes scheduled. Not ideal as you will need to set up 3 phrases. I will bring up to product dev team next week.

Any progress on this? I used to be able to schedule multiple on-then-off apps in the (very) old version of the code, but the new streamlined app makes it impossible. I’d really like to be able to set up some lights for multiple times a day

Hi there - I just bought ST this week, and am desperately trying to do this as well (I even just emailed Support).

Any news on supporting this feature? Thanks!

This is an important issue for me as well. I want the lights on a fixed schedule that I do not have to actually turn off and on. I would like to find a way to choose how many hours I want the might to be on.

You can do this with Smart Lighting. In an automation, turn on the lights using “At a Specific Time”. This will give you the chance to specify “Also turn off at”, with another time. You will need one automation for each on / off pair of scheduled lighting.

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