Installing Multi on Garage Door

I’ve installed an LFM-20 relay on the garage door and have connected it to Smartthings. I’ve also connected a multi sensor woth SmartThings. Everything works fine…but I haven’t actully installed the multi on the gargae door.

I’m undecided on where to install the multi. The Automate Your Garage Door help topic shows at:

…is confusing to me because it shows part of the multi on the rail inward from the door. I would think the multi would be in the closed position with the door down…so both the sensor and the large portion would be installed at the door.

Help? Thanks…

When you have it setup as a garage door sensor, it doesn’t use the magnet at all. Instead it uses the tilt sensor to tell if the door is open or not.

Just mount it vertically near the top and it should work great. I’ve got one on each of my doors.


Thanks for the info.

It is setup as a garage door sensor…but doesn’t it need the magnet to determine if it is opened or closed?

And if it doesn’t use the magnet…do you even need to mount the magnet part?


Correct. You don’t need to use the small magnet part at all in this case.

Nope, and Nope.

The SmartSense Multi has a number of sensor built in, including a 3-axis tilt sensor. It knows what angle it’s oriented in and uses that to determine open/close.

No need for the magnet at all when in this mode.

Thanks guys…that make the install easier. It’s a b*tch to find a spot to get the sensor and the receiver to line up.

Appreciate it!

[quote=“pasipple, post:6, topic:4259, full:true”]
Thanks guys…that make the install easier. It’s a b*tch to find a spot to get the sensor and the receiver to line up.[/quote]

Absolutely! I had some weird stuff going on to rig 'em up until I was informed of the much easier way to do it.

Hate to resurrect an older topic, but I’m having a bit of an issue. I have my Multi mounted so that I can use the magnet if I want - and, of course, the tilt sensor kicks in as well.

When I set up the multi as a “regular door” it correctly notifies me that the door is open and I can act on it. However, when I set up the multi as a “garage door,” I do not receive any notification – even though in the logs, I can see that the sensor is, in fact, registering tilt activity.

What is going on? Does anyone know?