iNovelli SingleChannel Smart Plug Pairing

I might have missed this on the forum, but I need instructions on pairing this Smart Plug to SmartThings. I bought this one. iNovelli Single Channel Smart Plug

That Amazon page says the product comes with step-by-step written and video pairing instructions. Did you follow those?

I haven’t received it yet, but from experience not everything works as shown. So I wanted to ask the community if there were things not shown.

Maybe you should just follow the instructions that come with it, after you receive it?

And then if it doesn’t work, ask other people for help?

I am an impatient type, so I like to have all my ts crossed and my is dotted before hand. I hate surprises. Yes I know this is crazy, but that is me.

OK good luck then.

I went to their web page and learned something already. I read somewhere the DHT is native. WRONG. I had to copy code and install. Not at all a problem. But nowhere on the page is the pairing instructions. I also found out that one of our community members wrote the button controller that iNovelli uses for their scenes. I already have that installed. So now I am ahead of the game.

Seems like you are spending time anticipating/solving problems for yourself.

Always a good idea, IMHO.

Well no need to worry now. I think I have it under control, until something happens.:rofl:

Hey @joelw135 – Thanks for your support and you taught me something as well – I should have the setup instructions more easily accessible for our overachievers!

So, in the box you’ll find step by step instructions for setup for SmartThings. In addition, if you’re more of a online setup type of guy, there’s a QR code as well as a URL in the box that will take you to the page which is located here:

That link should have everything you need :slight_smile:

As for the DH, the 2-Channel is native, and the 1-Channel actually will pair as just a generic Z-Wave Switch (or Z-Wave Switch Secure). The only reason you would have to install the DH is if you want scene control (ie: you can double-tap the switch and it will activate a Z-Wave Scene). Otherwise, if you just need it to turn on/off, then no need to install the DH.

Anyway, I’m here as well if you need help – Have a great day and thanks again for your support!