Inovelli Dimmer+Scenes+Notifications Switch preorder

Inovelli is coming out with a new 3+ way switch with scenes, notifications, and dimming, and doesn’t require a neutral. Pre-order price is $30 which is a great deal for this much functionality. I have a few other older scene dimmers from them and they are awesome.

I know this one won’t be out for a few months. But isn’t it strange that every other switch on their website (where the store link works) is out of stock?

They ran out of them, hence out of stock and were already working on the new models. Remember that it’s a small company.

Hey @Bry - yeah, great point. Sorry I didn’t see this sooner (thanks @RLDreams and @TonyFleisher for commenting, you guys are awesome) but yes, everything on the site is out of stock bc we had to change manufacturers (has been quite the rollercoaster, but it worked out for the best) and essentially start from scratch. The good news is the new manufacturer is the same ppl who manufacturer for Ring and a few other big names and are also a Principal Member of the Z-Wave Alliance (highest level): so we’re pretty excited!

But yeah, we hope to start changing those out of stocks to in stock shortly :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks all for the support and I’m happy to answer any questions!

Founder | Inovelli

PS - thanks @PowderedToast76 for posting
PSS - forgot this - new switches will be WWST (Works with ST) Certified too, which is super exciting!


I thought “you ran out & were working on the new ones” was enough to cover the basics :smile:

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When they’re ST certified, do you know if they’ll be local devices (instead of cloud devices) ?

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That’s a great question – my preference would be to make them local, but I’ll have to see. Fingers crossed they will be local!


@Eric_Inovelli will this be the new ‘standard’ switch you’re offering or will the models that require a neutral still be an option? Or at least the original design? I have 16 of the current paddle switches.

@Eric_Inovelli I’m sure you have this all figured out, but will the new switches fit in existing switch plates? For example, most of mine have 2 or 3 switches. Are the paddles slightly slimmer to fit the notification LED and button in a standard wall plate? Looking forward to the new switches and I’m glad I waited for you to get some more in stock before I continued outfitting my house with Smart switches.


@Eric_Inovelli Another question for you. Are you planning on releasing a standard On/Off switch as well? If so, will they be a little bit cheaper like your older ones? Like everyone else, I’m very excited about the new switch and am planning out which switches to do next! I have a couple of places that don’t need dimmers, but if the On/Off switches are a long way out or you won’t be making them, these new dimmers would still be great there!

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Great question – this will be the new standard switch we’re offering. What we’re trying to see is that if we can add a neutral terminal to the switch for people that would prefer the neutral wiring, but I have to wait a couple weeks for confirmation on this.

Would you prefer the neutral option? And if so, what is the reasoning (just asking so I can understand and/or push for the neutral terminal if you’d prefer that)?

Yes, definitely :slight_smile: – they will be the same overall fit as the normal decora style switch plate (faceplate). The paddles will be slightly skinnier, yes, to accommodate the RGB LED bar, but the overall part “rectangle” section of the switch will fit in a normal decora faceplate. Hopefully I’m making sense here haha?

Yes, we will be releasing the standard On/Off as well – this one will require a neutral wire, however. As for pricing, we definitely are going to offer a base version as well as an advanced version. I’m trying to keep the prices the same, but what will likely happen is we’ll have to raise them a couple dollars on Amazon due to them increasing their fees, but we will offer a loyalty program on our website that will give you the same pricing as before. More to come on this though as we’re revamping our site right now.

We should have a release date shortly for the On/Off’s – likely they will be before the dimmers as they are less complex :slight_smile:


I’m under the impression that it won’t work with ALL LEDs without it. I’m all for the easiest method of wiring and whatever is going to be most reliable. Unfortunately, I’m having major issues with my switches at the moment