Innr and Centralite outlet switches stopped working in May 2023

My Innr (zigbee based) and Centralite outlet switches stopped working in May 2023. All of my wall light switches still operate correctly. I reset my hub and one Innr outlet - now the Innr outlet won’t initialize in the Smartthings app. This outlet is located in the same room as the hub. I use 4 locations with Innr outlets that all stopped working. Anybody have the same issues?

first rule that I inject now and again → don’t reset your hub simply because one or two devices have stopped functioning - the reset most likely will not solve the probelm and you create more work for yourself by rebuilding from scratch.

As others always ask… provide the community with brand/model for the devices. You listed the Brands.

Next, use the following community developed tool: API Browser+ go to the Devices section, locate and tap on one of your devices, tap on Details and screen capture only the details screen, then repeat for the other device. Post those screens shots as they can provide a lot of details. Then community members can offer further assistance :slight_smile: but that is if they were in the system but looks like they may not be.

and you tried power cycling those devices?

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if you reset the hub, you will need to reset those zigbee devices before you can pair them again.