Inexpensive Security Play Audio Notifications?

@JDRoberts I spoke too soon … so, I had it working and it tested ok, but I had just set it up quickly to have Alexa tell a joke. I went in and changed Alexa to a custom message and then checked SmartThings and found that my new Simulated Alexa Switch is now showing up under the Siren and not under the Turn On Lights where it had been. The problem now is that I have the Siren delayed by 30 seconds, but the turn on lights doesn’t have a delay so before it moved it worked great because the Alexa message played and then the siren would go off after the delay. Now that the virtual switch sensor is under Sirens it will be delayed as well.
Any idea why it is now showing up as a Siren instead of under Turn on lights where it used to be?

@JDRoberts let me know if you think there is a better way to do this, but what I did was I created a stock simulated switch and then I set up and automation that when it is turned on then it turns on my Simulated Alexis Switch so in the Home Monitoring I don’t enable that custom switch under the siren section, but I do have the stock simulated switch set on under the alarm response. When that goes on it triggers my automation with turns on the custom switch which Alexa then responds to … seems a bit hokey, but seems to work.

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That seems to be the assessment of a number of the integrations these days, I’m glad you got it working. :sunglasses: