Doesn't anyone make a sounder like this

a simple sounder that will connect to a ST or IFTTT etc. and output different sounds to a speaker?

I’ve been looking high and low for months but can’t find anything suitable. I just want to be able to produce a sound on a speaker depending on certain triggers such as:
if back door opens then make two simple bleeps
if garage door opens then make 3 bleeps
if the exit time is running then repeatedly bleep once for 30 seconds.

Does anyone know of such a thing please?

I think the Aeotec Siren 6 may fit your needs, it has different sounds and If I remember right, one of them is a beeping noise.

Also maybe a virtual device in a automation and an Alexa routine to play the beeping. Search the forum for it, there are posts on how to set up Alexa routines based on a virtual switch being open or closed.

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Probably total overkill but Sonos speakers allow announcements to be made via routines…?

  1. most popular: Echo Dot. As mentioned, by far the most cost effective and easiest way to do this these days is just with an inexpensive Echo Dot, especially if you pick one up on sale. It has lots of sound effects to choose from, and you can activate them with an Alexa routine (not a smartthings routine). And the good news that since you can initiate the Alexa routine either through some smartthings-connected devices like sensors or by using a virtual device, you can fully integrate it to your smartthings setup. So you get the speaker, the sounds, and the rules engine to play the sounds all with one $40 purchase.

  1. least expensive: Smart plug and sounder of your choice. If instead, you want something local, or you just don’t like the Amazon ecosystem, all you need is a device that makes a sound when power is restored, and then plug it into a smart plug. People have used alarm clocks for This, chimes, or, in reverse, a power outage alarm.

Anything so that turning on the smart plug causes one event, and turning it off causes another.

Those aren’t going to play from a specific speaker, though, they play from the plug-in device itself.

So that’s another advantage to using the echo dots: you can choose which speakers to have each sound play from, either one or multiple.

  1. ready for edge with multiple local sound options: The aeotec siren 6 that @mlchelp mentioned is another option, again, the sound comes from that device. It has a workable if non-intuitive edge driver (see the link he gave you). And it’s available in multiple regions. Plus, unlike the smart plug option you can have different sounds for different alerts (rather than just repeating the same sound a different number of times).

You didn’t say what country you are in, so I’m not going to put a link to the product here. Remember that with zwave the frequency is different in different regions and must match the frequency of your hub exactly. But you should be able to find it at Amazon in the US, UK, Germany, or one of their Asian sites. Just check to make sure it is the correct frequency for your hub.

  1. customizable sound options, but may not work with edge yet: if you are in North America, Ecolink makes a plug-in chime/siren, a zwave device, that has 30 built-in sound effects and allows you to use your own MP3 files on a microSD card. The sound will come from that device. However, I haven’t seen an edge driver for this yet. So you may need to get someone to write one. And it is more expensive than an echo dot. But local and customizable.

Model ISZW7-ECO notification device

(Everspring used to make a similar device about five years ago, but it’s older technology, and I haven’t seen it for sale for a while. And again, I haven’t seen an edge driver for it. Model SE813-2 )

There’s probably a similar Zigbee “notification device” for the Asian market, but I can’t think of one off the top of my head. You can try searching for “custom chimes” if you want to look.

So these do exist, just depending on the exact details of what you’re looking for.

Thanks for taking the trouble to respond, I’ve ordered the Aeotec Siren 6. Fingers crossed.

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If you have a Samsung galaxy phone you could also do the following

  1. SmartThings routine to generate a notification to your phone
  2. create a bixby routine on phone triggered on the notification to play a ring tone of your choice

You could possibly do similar on iPhone but I don’t have one so can’t confirm.


Enjoy, and do let us know how it works for you.

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Well I’ve got the Aeotec Siren 6 and installed the edge drivers from the Smartthings Edge repository (Z-wave Siren) and it is really complicated to set up but it is working.
There are only 8 types of sound you can produce from routines but you can set those eight types to any volume (level 1-100) and any one of 30 different built-in sounds.
It’s quite good once set up and is exactly what I was looking for!
Thanks for the heads up!