Indoor Dimmable Spot Light Bulb for Recessed Fixture

I have a painting I would like to light with a dimmable spot light, preferable one I can control the color temperature. I have a recessed light fixture, so just need to replace the bulb. Does something exist? The other option is to get a spot light and replace the switch with a dimmer connected to Smarthings.

Specification of the current bulb/socket? There are some possible options, but the details matter. In other words, what specific dumb replacement bulb would you get?

A smart dimmer switch is always an option, as you mention, but that won’t give you color temperature control. :thinking:

I have a old incandescent flood light there now. (E26) it is to bright and floods the wall. I want to have more of a spot light on a painting that will be on the wall. I dont know if there is a spot light that would work on a dimmer. But that is an option as long as I like the color temp of the light

E26 is the standard base specification, so That’s good. We also need to know the current bulb shape/size.

See the following page for terminology:

Usually those that you can point into something are PAR30. I have to look where i found one couple months ago. It was ZigBee PAR30 short neck.

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@jmcnyc It’s Philips Wiz

I found this on Amazon - this could work but would need a dimmer switch.