Individual code access text notification

Before I purchase, I am trying to determine if there is a way to program remotely from the app and get notifications when individual codes are input into the door lock to gain access. ie. 1234 just entered text sent. or 4321 so I know who enters. The cleaning lady or plumber kind of thing.

I would think you would be better off having a camera send you a pic rather than rely on the right person using the right code.

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With Nexia, the computer app will allow you to program in a specific code for a specific period of time and then it ends. Any time someone opens the door a text is sent. people are assigned specific codes. It’s easy. Not sure Smart Thing can do the same.

You will have to install a custom SmartApp to get what you want. I don’t recall the default interface having the function you are looking for.

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Do you know what custom SmartApp would work?

The link I posted above is one example.

Link here:

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I use the multi user manager by @RBoy .

It’s super useful and checks all the boxes in Lock Management.


That looks comprehensive enough.

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