In wall relay microswitch that works

I’m looking for a single relay micro switch that works right out of the box with status update and external open/close switch, no dimmer.

Anyone had good luck with any?

I’m looking at:

  • Qubino ZMNHND1
  • Fibaro FGS 223 / 213
  • Aeon DSC26103-ZWEU


I have a bunch of the Aeon ones installed all over my house. They’ve been rock solid.

Of the 15 or so I have installed, one was not set to report it’s status properly from the factory. A simple parameter change fixed that one. The other 14ish worked perfectly out the box.

Thanks Paul!
Do you experience any delay in activating anything. I heard some ppl complaint about a 5s delay.

Out of the box, all but one of my switches reported their status instantly. One of them had the wrong parameter setting, so the report was delayed. There are fabulous community-developed device handlers that can change the parameter to the correct setting.

They are not anywhere near instant status. I just tested 2 of mine. They were 15-20 seconds between flipping the switch and the ST app showing a state change.

Do you know which device-handler? The one for the 223 from eric?
I quite new here and still finding my way around.

So if you have created a scene this switch starts, lets say a bunch of lights, it would take about 15s before they turn on ?
That’s not funny when you enter a dark room and flip the switch to get some light. (My lights are far away from the entrance where i would want such a switch)

Yeah. At least for the Aeon modules that would be the case, unfortunately.

If you are seeing any more than 1s delay, it is because your parameters are set wrong. Use the device handler written by @Mike_Maxwell called aeonSwitch or aeonDimmer, and change the “State Change Notice” setting to “Report”.

You can find the DH here:

Once you’ve made that change, you can go back to the default ST device handler (if you have a v2 hub and want local control), or leave it on Mike’s DH so you have access to the fun Blink/Flash/Strobe Alarm functions that are also built into your Aeon switches!

I don’t know why Aeon ships some microswitches with the slower reporting, but they do.

No, that’s not quite right. When the parameters are set incorrectly, the ST hub can tell the switch to turn on instantly, but the switch cannot tell the ST hub that it was turned on (locally, at the switch) until some delay. If the parameters are set correctly, the ST hub can tell the switch to turn on instantly, and the switch can report that it was turned on instantly.

I use “instantly” to mean “as fast as the ST system can work”… which isn’t really “instantly”… but more like within 1 second or so.


Thanks Paul,
As i saw there are some issues with the fibaro switches, i will give this one a try.

Okay. So, that DTH works GREAT! Now it is about a second. Why can’t this same type of DTH update be made to other things like the Linear switches?


I’m not familiar with the Linear switches. Others may have more knowledge. Some switches offer parameter changes for this sort of thing, but some do not.

Eventually bought the Qubino Flush 1D (ZMNHND1). Works perfectly.

Because linear chose not to pay the patent fees to license the technology that allows for that reporting. It really is that simple.

Cooper and Leviton are the zwave switches that can do that same reporting, because they pay the license fee. And Leviton only pays it for their high-end models. The models that start with the D don’t have instant reporting.

It’s easy to tell which dimming devices support this feature: they will list “hail” in their control commands in their official conformance statement at the Z wave alliance products website:

There are alternative technologies that provide essentially the same result from the user’s point of view, particularly those that use “central scene” commands, like the Homeseer (US) and some of the Devolo (UK) switches.

Lutron invented the technology and holds the patent. There was an announcement at CES 2017 this month that Lutron switches will finally have an integration with SmartThings early this year. So that will be yet another option.

So if you want this feature when considering new devices, if it’s zwave, check the conformance statement to see if it has “hail” or “central scene.”

Otherwise, get Lutron switches once the integration is available.