Aeon in-wall smart switch refresh delay

I have a couple of Aeon in-wall smart switches that work brilliantly… apart for when I need their state to trigger other ST behaviour.

For example, when the switch gets turned off at the wall switch, I have a bunch of other lights that react and also turn off. But that doesn’t happen until I open the ST app on my phone, open the Aeon “thing” and refresh it. Then everything catches up.

The problem is that without me doing this, it can take ages (sometimes never) for the ST hub to see this change in state and trigger the other dependencies.

Anybody got any ideas on how I can make this reliably refresh without me having to to that manually?

Yes, pollster will auto poll.

I use Pollster, but even though that is one of the devices bejng polled it does not seem to perform the refresh the way the app does.

You do not need pollster to do this, you just need the correct device for these.
Try this:

Set the state change preference to “report”