Aeon micro relay - status not accurate


I just installed an Aeon micro relay for my hallway. It’s placed into a 3-way circuit and works well. I can toggle the lights with the software, and with the physical switch.

I noticed that when I use the physical light switch, the information on the light status is not updated (at least to the cloud, I didn’t check if the hub knows)

Is that how these function, or are they supposed to update the status to the hub and the hub to the cloud?

I put a smartapp on that will turn them off after minutes, but it doesn’t work because the status isn’t reported, and the trigger can’t run.


If you have the v2 then try this post. You have to change the parameters for status report with the physical switch. You can ask help from the OP @Mike_Maxwell on this post. He’s an expert on these Aeon switches.

@slagle @jody.albritton this question comes up a lot, and the solution is always to use Mike’s awesome DH. Anything we can do to get his DH to replace the stock ST DH for these devices? Or at least roll Mike’s changes into the stock ST DH?

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Thanks! I did some searches, but I didn’t find anything. Go figure. I will give this a try. Really appreciate it.

I finally was able to work on this today. It worked fantastic!