Important changes to Community Code Submissions and Developer Discussions

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Not sure what you mean by using the child app with secondary accounts?


Wow. This was one of the things that brought me to SmartThings. I was excited about just submitting my first code a two months ago. Never heard anything and then this . . . :disappointed_relieved:. Hopefully the

temporarily be suspending

doesn’t become permanently.

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Ha-ha-ha! I’m sure you’ve made all developers very excited. But somehow I’m not surprised. Good luck to anyone willing to invest waste their time developing for this POS.

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ST abandoned migration from v1 to v2, after a year of promises, I don´t trust this change will be temporal. I think in time they will announce a closed platform.

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Come talk to us about ES offline… Interesting things going on.

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So, who actually thinks any one at ST read a single response?

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I know it’s rhetorical… but no they clearly aren’t interested in the community any longer.

What surprises me is that they don’t see how many other “great things” they’ve said they were working on that we’ve never see come to fruition and how this leads people to stop trusting, believing and caring about yet another empty promise.

I’ve sat back for months holding my tongue about their system, but a prime example of what I call shoty work is the release today. My system was rebooted by them which caused issues with some automation and to top it off my firmware is still on the old version. WTH

I work in IT so I’m familiar with app dev and infrastructure systems and ST is not operating any where close to the way most companies would expect a public facing production system to run.

Lastly, without the 3rd party developers this platform would be dead by now. Seriously, the built in “automation” is pathetic. Yet all we hear from the ST developers is the next big thing they are working on. :confounded:

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Yes I feel a little better. :blush:

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Yep! And we don’t deny that developers are a huge part of our future! We do however know that we do not currently provide a good tool set for developers to be successful. So instead of trying to make a octagonal wheel spin we’ll be back with a smooth(er) wheel.

Again, temporarily is the key word here. [quote=“ady624, post:9, topic:79927”]
express our feelings

Please do! This decision wasn’t easy.

Nope. [quote=“RBoy, post:14, topic:79927, full:true”]
Tim for clarification would this be code submitted through the IDE or even patches for ST DTH and SmartApps on GitHub?

We’d still love to have collaboration on our github! [quote=“ule, post:25, topic:79927”]
I think in time they will announce a closed platform.

Absolutely not.

The basic message here without all the fluff is we can’t support the current program as it stands today. We’re backing off from trying to fix it.

Why did decide not to hold developer calls until we had something better?

We cannot talk about any of the projects we are working on that directly affect developers. Wish we could but we just can’t. I am busier than I ever have been here at SmartThings (working 60-70 hour weeks) and every hour of my work day is dedicated to the future of the developer program.

So we could have a developer call but any concerns will not be addressed because all focus is being diverted to new efforts and we cannot talk about the things we are working on. That would lead to some really weird developer calls.

Are things changing? Yup! For sure! At this point all I can ask is for patience. Change is good. This change is good. Please be patient.

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #31

Wish we could believe you. I really do. But promises from St are about as good as… Well. Nothing…

Trust me, doesn’t cut it. Show us the proof. Because right now you sound like the guy on the deck of the Titanic, sent out by the captain, asking people to remain calm and listen to the band.

Where is the leadership?

This type of direction change shouldn’t come from you.

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My heart will go on

(Tim Slagle) #33

Also, as a side note I have reached out to some of the more prominent projects on our commuinity to let them know that they are on my “exception to the new rule” list.

While we will not be actively looking at any new or pending submissions I will still be rooting for popular projects and their hard work will not go unnoticed.

I promised @ady624 and @pstuart that their projects would go through the review process and they still will.

SmartTiles/ActionTiles is a Work With SmartThings partner as well so their future should not be in question either.

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Another follow-up…

We will take every new popular project in a case-by-case basis as they grow in popularity. If there is value there for everyone involved we will put that project through the process. I will still be in the community and will keep a lookout for projects like this)

What we won’t be doing, however, is reviewing every single new turn it on when it is dark automation (or similar) that we get. (This is 95% of what we get submissions for.) We just don’t have the man power for that. So if there is something that comes from this community that is high value. Like a custom dashboard or a really powerful automation builder or something else of this nature, we will always weigh value/cost/time/etc… to see if it is worth investing the time and resources to publish it.

And I am always just a PM away. So if you think you have something or know of something that is high value and needs to be looked at please let me know and I will see if our team internally agrees. Or if you just want to have a more intimate conversation about what is going on just send me a message. I am always willing to chat with you all!

(Ule) #35

It sound similar when migration tool was promised.

An a future possible post

Sorry but due stability issue, we need to go to closed platform, first the basics


(Tim Slagle) #36

Totally. All we can do is ask for your patience. We know that we’ve been saying that for a long time. We know you’ve heard this time it will be different from myself and others…

The proof is in the pudding and I get that. This time I think the pudding is especially delicious though! But it’s a pudding that is going to take a little while to set. The current state of the pudding is hot liquid… we’re just starting to put it into the fridge to set.

How’s that for a food related software development metaphor?!

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No problem, I’m just kidding.

You decide what you do with your platform

When ST does not remain interesting, I will change

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Right now it feels like you’re promising us chocolate and feeding us butterscotch though.


I like butterscotch! (Especially with scotch in it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) :beers:

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Well said, Patrick. My feelings exactly. I’ve heard this “wait for the great and exciting things we’re working on but can’t talk about” song many times before.

Oh, here’s another one (two month old):

… and another one (six month old):

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Oh hell, I can pull up a post from 3 years ago from Ben talking about all the bs they were going to do…

I may not live in Missouri, but as far as ST is concerned, I’m in the “Show Me” state.