Can we have more complex routines?

For instance, I have a couple scenarios.

When I come home, I would like for the inside light of my front door to come on when I come home, so that I don’t enter a dark home, but I only want this light to be turned on when I come home, when it is sundown.

and additionally I already have another light that is a ‘night light’ in another part of my house, that already works on a routine and comes on at a set time and turns off at a set time.

I have a routine that is set to turn off all lights all when I leave, but I would want it to not turn off the night light when I leave( or if I do turn it off for energy consumption purposes only) then I would like it to be turned back on when I arrive back home in the ‘night time’ when the ‘front door inside light’ turns on with presence.

Lastly, I would like for the front door inside light to be turned off after a set time, say 5-10 minutes after i’m ‘home’ and already have been ‘settled’.

I currently don’t see the logic in ST to do this or maybe I am too new.

Check out WebCORE. It can do all you mentioned and much more…


There are various methods to get more advanced rules, each with different degrees of complexity and user friendliness. Among them, @obycode’s Smart Rules, there’s also @klinquist’s Stringify, and webCoRE. Just search for any of them on the forum here.

PS I originally mistakenly attributed Smart Rules to @RBoy instead of @obycode - as @JDRoberts correctly pointed out. Edited to correct the mistake.


Thank you all, I have downloaded webCoRE and I am playing with it now, thanks.