Ikea Tretakt

looks like there’s a new IKEA smart plug, the Tretakt.
This seems a very good price at 10 pounds when you consider it’s bundled with a remote too (probably rodret, but not certain).

Anyone tried this with SmartThings yet? I’ve been a little disappointed with the reliability of the tradfri outlet , I had 3 fail, I’d hope this is a better design.

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I saw it, the bundled RODRET (or that’s what it looks like and some media sites say) costs almost the same purchased alone.

For those not familiar with UK plugs, that is actually a sensible design as the button is on the top when the plug is in a wall socket. Too many designs have the button on the side where it is obstructed by other plugs in multiple gang sockets, or on the bottom where it is obstructed by the cable of standard plug tops inserted into it.

The Tradfri model had the bulk of the plug at the bottom where the LED is obstructed by cables and the reset hole is hard to reach when a skirting mounted socket is in use.

The Tradfri was usually pictured with the bulge at the top so the socket was upside down, and this one has the label upside down suggesting it too was envisioned to be the other way up.


It’s a better physical design, no doubt, but i was also hoping the internal design was better to. The ones I had that failed the relay failed and oscillated with a constant clicking noise even after a reset. Hoping this doesn’t suffer that problem.

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It is a rodret, I checked the docs on the ikeas website for the bundle

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Yes, I’ve lost two or three to that. I’ve had other issues with them but nothing that power cycling wouldn’t cure, and firmware updates seem to have confined them to the past.

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Update on this, I’ve been to IKEA and bought the bundle. The remote is a rodret and I got it working with @mocelet s driver (had to pair it about 4 times to get it working but got there in the end, paired at first as a thing even though driver available), thanks @mocelet :+1:
The outlet also pairs but as a zigbee switch with dimmer control. It does work though as the on and off control the plug. It’s still got a relay click but much quieter than the older design, so I’m hoping it’s a different, better, internal design.

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