IKEA Trådfri

That’s good to see it confirmed thanks.
I’m guessing with Smartthings it would probably need a hub restart after adding some of these to force the Xiaomi sensors to join them.

Maybe, but as far as Xiaomi joining to Trådfri Outlet, I didn’t have to do anything out of the ordinary.

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Lose the “Power” part - that’s for outlets that measure power usage like the SmartThings one.

I used “ZigBee Switch” and it’s fine (UK model)


Im fairly new in thsi trådfri bulbs and bridges. Currently i run a Hue bridge but im missing out some functionality and read that ST would the the solution that could solve my problem.
But before i buy the ST i would like to know if it supports the trådfri bulbs with dimmings and scenes.
For instance i would like to create a scene for the outdoor lighting, switching on and off according to sunset and sunrise is this doable?
Furthermore, what about nightscene when the kids need´s to go to the toilet and just need a little light, say 10%?
I´m looking way forward to your reply and hopefully becoming af new ST user.

Regards Tonny

Yeah you can do that with the IKEA bulbs within Smartthings.
That’s exactly what I’m doing with most of mine, you don’t need the tradfri hub either as they connect directly to the Smartthings hub.

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@Steveuk23 I see these bulbs are now directly supported via ST on the america branch… I don’t see them on the European branch and as such i still use the community DH.

Just wondering do you have the bulbs available as an item direct from ST on the classic app?

Yeah showing in my list of things.
You need to change the device handler once it’s installed to a ZigBee all bulb I think it is.

@Steveuk23 Thanks.

I have both types of Ikeas GU10’s the cheap and the more expensive versions. The cheap ones just dim and the more expensive one change white colour.

For the cheaper GU10’s I’m using the inbuilt ZLL Dimmer Bulb but for the more expensive ones, these ones I’m using this community one [UPDATE] IKEA Trådfri Bulb Device Type

According to this article, the more expensive Gu10 400 lumens are fully supported (that’s what I’ve seen in the American screen grabs) but they don;t show up in my App under lights in my App. However, based on what you said above, I changed my light from the community DH to the inbuilt ZLL White Color Temperature Bulb 5000K and the light is fully changeable (the DH is not as nice) but now it runs locally.

Wonder if ST are going to provide IKEA bulbs as a standard light for the UK app.

On the DH you can copy and paste the code for the tiles from a device handler you like into that one to give with the look you want.
Yeah I’ve heard talk of them being supported directly with Smartthings but like most things the UK will probably get it last.

@Steveuk23, yea always left behind :slight_smile:

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Thanks for replying. Turns out although it appeared to have paired, there was an issue in pairing (SmartThings detected nothing about the device other than it existed). I removed it and re-paired it and all works fine now (just check the device details appear in the IDE if you have trouble).

Probably a dumb question, but how do you pair the GU10s with the hub?

I have 10 of them in my down lights but on first attempt I got 8 and now only 1 or 2 at best (not the two that didn’t connect last time). I’m using the native device handler in the app, according to the website the GU10s are supported without need for a community DH.

I can’t get the Hub physically close to the devices and have it powered on with ethernet connection…

I don’t have any of the GU10 bulbs but I believe the process is the same.
Are you sure you’ve fully reset the bulbs with a quick on and off 5/6 times.
Are the bulbs quite far away from the hub then ? Maybe they are out of range of the hub to get a solid connection, try adding a repeater nearby so the bulbs connect to that instead.

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i think the furtherest ones is 8-9 meters away, oddly these ones are the ones that connected.

I would expect if some get added they all should?

On the repeater side what would you recommend? I am looking for a decent smart wall switch as well but struggling to find anything that can work with dumblights and connect back to smartthings.

8-9 meters should be within range but you never know with interference etc.
Try the IKEA tradfri power plugs as they’ve been found to be repeaters and are nice and cheap.

I’m WFH today so decided to try just now (I may have to grab an outlet at Lunch)

Strangely 3 bulbs synced at varying distances form the hub. Would removing those from their seating and then resetting the remaining 7 work? I guess if it would I could keep doing this until all the bulbs are added…

I’m in a bit of a situation on this as it’s a new extension and build specifically for me to have home automation…no switches. ( i do currently have one wired where the blank would be hidden)

Yeah try doing that once they are paired turn off the power and swap into another .
Or even take a bulb out once it’s paired and keep resetting and pairing then once all bulbs have paired put them all back in.
It does look like it’s possibly interference from something that’s affecting the signal strength.
Is there definitely no way of moving the hub closer just while pairing ?
Maybe a long ethernet and run the hub on battery power if on a V2 hub

Hi All,

For those that are interested I did manage to make this work.

First of all thanks Steveuk23 for your help on this.

So how it was done, I did bring the hub into the room although that didn’t help. i continued to get either only a few of the devices or none at all. So after some time n the SmarthThings support chat. Which for those in doubt was pretty good!

We worked out that the issues were 2 fold. 1) I was resetting all 10 bulbs at the same time - too much going on for the app and the bulbs to cope with I assume so I tried them individually. This didn’t work right away and that brings me to issue two. 2) The cadence needed to set the lights into pairing mode is very sensitive. More than 6 times it won’t work and too quick it wont work either. The cadence I worked out that worked, was to start with the bulb on then turn off for 0.5 seconds to a second and on only for the time it takes to see light in the bulb (repeat ending with the light on after the 6th).

Even with this cadence I used the classic app and occasionally had to do it 2/3 times per bulb.

however 10 bulbs later and my scene is ready!

Good luck all happy to help if I can…


Great so they weren’t fully resetting good to remember.
I would like some of these I just don’t fancy having loads of “things” just for 1 light fitting.

Hi Stefan,

Buy a cheap lampholder with GU10 fitting, add a mains cable with plug and install a switch in the cable. Put that together.

Now you can bring the bulb you want to pair near the ST hub or reset a bulb.

Grtn Ben



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