Ikea Tradfri Wireless Driver

Hi everyone, I’ve just installed some Ikea led bars in my kitchen and they are already connected to the Wireless driver. They are working pretty well with the Ikea round wireless button, but I wanted to connect both (driver and button) to my Smartthings system. I’ve tried with the reset button in the driver but the hub is not seeing it.

Has anyone instelled it and managed to pair with Smartthings ecosystem?

Thanks a lot

I haven’t tried it, but if they’re both from the Trådfri line, then they should work. Is the hub led flashing when pairing?

The Tradfri line bulbs, plug-in pocket socket, and driver all work well with SmartThings.

The handheld buttons, remotes, “dimmers“ and other control devices have only partial integration and most people have not bothered getting them.

(It’s a similar problem to the hue dimmer for those familiar with those issues.)

The problem is that the handheld devices keep stealing the Mains power devices away from the SmartThings network. Or they will stay on the same network, but the handheld devices don’t send their button presses to the hub.

There are some people who have been working on it, but different people report different levels of success.

Building a Device Handler for IKEA 5 button remote?

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SmartThings added support for the round wireless dimmer last week. Here’s a YouTube video I made about it. The 5 button remote doesn’t have official support yet.


Awesome! Thanks for the update. :sunglasses:

Too bad the on/off mechanics are not dog-friendly, it would be a good size otherwise. :dog:

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Thanks for that!

Some of the few reviewers on IKEA’s website state that this “puck” dimmer is quite an imprecise steering device. What’s your experience with it been like so far?

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It does require a certain level of finesse since it is accelerometer based. Ended up mounting mine vertically and it seems to be ok that way.



“Added support” means its plug and play and ST will just recognize it. Or do I need to perform some sort of firmware upgrade on the puck?
Do we know if they are planning to add support for the 5 button remote too?

Added support means it’s plug and play. In ST it shows up as a dimmer switch. Not sure on the 5 button. In theory it could be added, but I don’t know what the priositiesmof the ST dev team are.


New smartthings app picked up ikea 5 button remote today and gives me option to add pushed and held functions. But when I try to add function the app crash. Any advise?
Sorry I am new user and can add only one picture per comment. Adding rest in further comments


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I bought the Ikea Tradfri outlet with two-button remote today and found the same problem - the app crashes when I try to assign actions.

To get around it I have created Smart Lighting automations that have the buttons as triggers. I have described my experience in this thread: Ikea Tradfri Wireless control outlet kit and button working with SmartThings

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Is the two button remote officially supported? My app only lists the bulbs and outlets. The dimming remote that spins is also, but not listed. I didn’t think the 2 or 5 button remotes had been added yet.

I also assigned the 5 button remote to bulb using ABC button manager. On/off toggle and brightness works, but not the temperature color. through virtual switch for temp color worked. But it would be great if nation options available in remote own options works direct without crashing the app

I will ask my question here since the topic started with the LED drivers-
Is there an advantage to buying the tradfri led driver over the new $10 Ansluta driver and a $10 tradfri outlet to turn off and on? I ask because I recently bought an LED bar at ikea not realizing the power supply was not included. Before I spend more on power than I did for the the light I want to make sure it is absolutely necessary.

Ansluta is only on/off. Tradfri can also dim.

Excellent point hadn’t considered dimming. For my purpose it only needs off/on so I can pass on the tradfri driver.
Thank you!

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Can I ask how to get the dimming working? I tried smart lighting smartapp but seems it is not designed in this way or I need to use webcore?



Oops seems using smart lighting mirror function to the native dimmer driver works fine just a bit hard to control thanks