IKEA tradfri show power usage?

Sorry, I searched first but couldn’t see anything.
Can the ikea Tradfri plugs show power usage?

Here’s what driver I’m using.

Hi @jjmucker

This driver includes a virtual power meter.
In settings there is a preference to enter the load in watts that will be connected to the socket and the driver will calculate the total energy consumed.

If a load vslir 0w is entered, which is the default value, it does not calculate energy

Thanks. How does that work then?
So it’s connected to a tv and I want to set a routine so I know if the tv is on or not based it’s on wattage/power. If I set for example 500w, does it actually know the real power usage?


If you enter 500w, the device will display 500w power when the plug is on and calculate the power consumption at the time the plug is on.

If the plug is on and the tv is off, the plug can’t tell, it doesn’t measure anything.

Ok thanks. So what’s the point of measuring it then.
I dont understand.

The user who requested it uses it to find out how much energy is consumed monthly by what is connected to the plug.

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