Ikea Tradfri Remote Control

I can pair it but I only see the battery level in the app, no buttons (in both the new and classic app). When I look in the IDE, it shows as a 5-button remote but button presses don’t generate any events. I’m still on a V1 hub. I believe it’s the older version of the remote.

That is the new version. I need to ask @BroderickCarlin, are the v1, ADT or Nvidia Connect firmwares supporting these devices?

Is the Device Handler called, Ikea Remote, in the IDE?

Device type is “IKEA TRADFRI Remote control.”

If you can’t see this, then you are using the wrong device handler. Select this one and re-pair your button.
I guess you installed a custom device handler, you might want to remove it to avoid confusions.

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I also have a V1 hub, paired a 5-button remote, but it only reports battery. No button presses are registered in the Live Logging.

It is using the Ikea Button device handler Type.

@BroderickCarlin, could you advise? Are the v1, ADT, Nvidia Shield versions supporting these devices? I haven’t seen any firmware update announcement for those. Or is the feature used is a cloud solution? Thanks!

The DTH for this device runs in the cloud, so v1, ADT, Nvidia Shield, etc. all should “just work”!


And just out of curiosity, is the group table binding happens on the cloud level too or locally? That is my main concern. I thought that has brought to the system by one of the recent firmware updates.
Both the button and the motion sensor should utilize the group table binding. And only battery reporting suggest me, that the binding missed somewhere. (Please excuse me if I use incorrectly some phrases.)

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The group binding is being initiated from the cloud but actually takes place locally. Looking into it more it does appear that V1 does NOT support multicast bindings and I’m now unsure about ADT/Nvidia. I’ll see if I can dig in a bit more and find out for you guys


Thanks! That is what I thought. Please keep us updated regarding the ADT and Nvidia devices, but I guess it is the same as the V1.

@markplewis & @xraycat, please see above the comment from @BroderickCarlin regarding the V1 hub.

So, Tradfri hardware is incompatible with V1 hub?
I also have a ticket in with ST support because my V1 hub can’t enable insecure rejoin for Zigbee. I have a feeling this is also because the version of my hub even though they haven’t confirmed.

Correct, the new Tradfri devices would not work with a V1 hub. These new Tradfri devices require that the hub support sending multicast binding messages which the v1 does not.


What about the bulbs? Are they not just standard ZLL? I guess you meant the buttons, remotes, dimmers and motion sensors.

I’m honestly not sure as I don’t have any experience with their newest models

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Does the ADT hub support multicast binding messages? I just bought one of the new remotes as well as the new Symfonisk remote and have gotten nowhere. The Tradfri remote succesfully pairs, but no button presses are being registered. The Symfonisk pairs, but is listed only as ‘Thing’ and does nothing. Is it the pos ADT hub or is something else at play?

Support for the Symfonisk remote hasn’t been added AFAIK. I was just wondering if it was zigbee…

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Indeed Zigbee… And possibly not a multicast device. As it pairs to the Gateway directly.

It looks like it is a kinda dimmer switch with single, double and triple press support too.

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Ikea buttons are now listed in the new app…but the device plugin still isn’t fixed :angry: