Ikea Tradfri LED driver keeps going offline

I have an Ikea closet with some LED lights that use the Tradfri 30W driver. When I first purchased it, it worked fine with smartThings. However, a while ago I had started having issues with the device staying online. The light also has this odd behavior of blinking when it isn’t connected. So since Samsung was also in the middle of transitioning to edge driver at that time, I decided to unplug it and deal with it later.

Well, last week I found out that there was an edge driver for it, so I re-paired it and thought(wrongly) that everything is going to be great!

Well, I realized today that it went offline on Thursday. However, the smartThings app does not show it as offline. What are my next steps here?
Has anyone had success with this Ikea Tradfri LED driver? How can I get past this constant going offline?

Are you using the “Zigbee Light Multifunction Mc” driver from @Mariano_Colmenarejo ?
I’m using this driver for several Tradfri 30W’s, and haven’t experienced any offline issues with this driver.

I am using Smartthings (developer) Zigbee Switch (name) for both my 30w Ikea drivers and have never had any issues. Both are within 20ft of my V2 hub.
I know ‘Zigbee Switch’ is counter intuitive, but I have full dimming capability.

Now in 2024 one of my 30w Ikea drivers is going offline every few weeks. A slow power cycles sorts (for now).