Ikea Tradfri device - OTA Updates?

Technical question here, but do I need the Ikea Tradfri gateway in order for my Zigbee Ikea devices (already paired to ST) to be updated ??

I think my blinds are due a firmware update, but the IDE isn’t telling me they are. (I’ve checked the Ikea JSON stuff, and figured out they should be on 2.2.009 (currently they are 2.2.007).

Any clues anyone ??

Don’t want to buy a Tradfri gateway, but fear it may be my only option - and it will be a PITA…

From reading other people’s experiences in this forum, you would need a tradfri gateway, but then again you would need to pair your devices to it and I remember also reading that it’s a complete pain eventually pairing them back to smartthings once you have finished updating it, so for this reason I never tried this and just leave my devices on the original firmware.