Ikea Symfonisk Controller

Hi - thank you for your work on this.

I am able to pair successfully, and can see success messages in the log when I press, double press, and triple press the button. But, when I try to turn the knob, I see errors in the log and the level doesn’t change:

Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 2.37.02 PM

I’m using a v1 hub - any thoughts/suggestions?

I current have a Tradfri wireless dimmer (the white, squarish one) stuck on a wall and use it as switch/dimmer for two (simply white, non-RGB) Tradfri lights in a room.

Would it be possible to use the Symfonisk Controller instead for that purpose, ideally also being able to control the (two) lights separately? For example: clicking the Symfonisk Controller would change (“select”) the light being controlled, and turning it would control the brightness of that single (“selected”) light?

By the way, is the Symfonisk Controller (I don’t have it yet) more precise than the old (yellow/black) Tradfri puck dimmer? That was pretty unreliable, wasn’t it? Thanks!

Got me a little ikea volume controller today. Sadly black as they didn’t have any white but for 15 I just wanted to try it out.
Top work on the app and DH.
Is it possible to adjust the amount the volume is adjusted In relation to the Rotary movement? For me the volume jumps are a little too big and would like to make them smaller.

Hey there! Successfully installed the device handler and paired the device. I’m trying to get volume up to trigger a virtual switch, and volume down to trigger a different virtual switch. However I can’t seem to get it working. Can anyone confirm that the device handler is still working properly? If it is, thoughts?

So for anyone interested I made a workaround by making a change in the device handler code. I’m by no means a developer and don’t know any programming languages at all, but I noticed the main button showed “toggled up” and “toggled down” in the smartthings app. Problem was on that button only pushes could be assigned to actions, so I found the options “pressed”, “pressed 2x” and “pressed 3x” for the main button in the code and simply added “held”, “up” and “down”. After that I was able to assign actions to toggled up and down. Only helps for this specific issue, other options for the device (button 2 and 3) are still quite buggy or not working at all. A shame since the remote itself is great, and the device handler probably worked like a charm originally.

Thanks for the work done anyway, without this device handler I would have had to return the button, so I really appreciate it. Crossing fingers for an update in the future!

Hey Joakim, you able to reference what line number you did this on or paste the sample code? Thx heaps.

nevermind, removed device. re-published the changes to line 133, re-paired and all working. Thanks for the tip in the prior post.

With a bit of WebCore hopefully can make the following scenario happen for a room.

1 Press - Set variable to “Lights”. Pressed once toggles lights on/off. Up/Down dims lights to set levels
2 Press - Sets variable to “Sound”. Toggle up/down sets volume for room speaker. Wait 10 seconds and reset variable back to “null” or default it back to “lights” as 99% of the time it will be the main action.
3 Press - Set vacuum to clean the room. Reset variable or point back to lights after 10 seconds.

Hopefully a good blend of form vs functionality. While we usually have phones on us it can be much easier to just press a button, especially a pretty stylish one like this.


Hello. Thanks for the DH and SmartApp. Is there a way to use the Symfonisk remote with this smartapp to controll other speakers than Sonos? I have all my chromecast and google home speakers in Smartthings as a cast web device, and was hoping I could use this remote to control the volume on them.

I need some help. I have everything configured. When I press the button I can see it pressed, pressed twice, etc… in the new ST app. When I go to the SmartApp configuration, I cannot select any Sonos speakers (no device found or You can’t currently add this). Neither from classic nor new ST app. I can select all my Sonos speakers from Speaker Companion app (3rd image).

Can you elaborate on what you did? Something like this?

sendEvent(name: “supportedButtonValues”, value: [“held”, “up”, “down”, “pressed”, “pressed_2x”, “pressed_3x”].encodeAsJSON(), displayed: false)

And when you asing actions to the volume lever, can you assign increments of volume? +5 volume?

Hey there!

I did this in line 133 before i published the device handler:
sendEvent(name: “supportedButtonValues”, value: [“pushed”, “pushed_2x”, “pushed_3x”, “held”, “up”, “down”].encodeAsJSON(), displayed: false)

I can’t assign volume level, only the events. I don’t have the technical knowledge to take it any further.

Check, what DH are your Sonos devices using. I guess, you haven’t updated to the new Sonos LAN Websocket Player DH when it was released, and it is still using the old one.

That was it. Thanks!

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Ok, so I fixed one thing and broke the other. Once I changed the Sonos device to LAN Sonos Websocket, my device will not show as connected anymore on my new ST App.


with LAN Sonos Player
with LAN Sonos Player Websocket

The ikea controller, i can see when i move the volume know as held, press shows pressed, or pressed twice. But it does not control the Sonos. I am assuming because the websocket is not communicating with the hub anymore.

Any ideas?

Try to search for the device in the new app. It should find the new one.

Otherwise, I am tagging @BarryA, the author of this integration, I believe. He can give you some advice how to migrate from the old integration to the new Websocket one.
Honestly, I don’t know what is the right way. And I don’t want to give bad advice.

It finds it but then which device type do I use for the button?

Hi @rey_rios - When you move your Sonos device to the new WebSockets DTH I strongly recommend moving all of your Sonos devices at the same time as they need to work together to send command sand recv responses when they are part of a Sonos group.

After moving to the WebSocket DTH, are you able to control playback/volume and see track information displayed in the (new) SmartThings app?

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Unfortunately, I tried that and it didn’t work. I even restarted the hub and sonos. It might be because I have a hub v1. I might just get the Ikea hub for $35

@rey_rios, that explains it well. It was released for the v2 and up.

Otherwise you might want to read this announcement,

Finally picked up one of the Symfonisk controllers today and got it set up with my living room hue bulbs. One tap on/off works for all the selected bulbs and double tab goes to a random color.

Is the dial supposed to dim the bulbs? That doesn’t work for me.