Ikea Styrbar Remote

I published with the @lmullineux ikea bulb and rename it, but is the same driver and will update automatically

│ Name        │ Zigbee Light Multifunction Group Mc  │
│ Version     │ 2022-01-12T15:40:02.023288           │

Thanks @veonua, the groups is your code

The last update to the driver made my 2 remotes stop working.

Sorry to hear this, have you rebooted your hub?

I have seen this myself in the dev process. Rebooting the hub sometimes works, other times you have to delete device and driver and start again. Hopefully it works again for you

Will try rebooting, but the driver was updated today and now does not register any input.

I think it’s possibly to do with the way the driver is hotswapped out when updated

After hub reboot it all started working again.


Driver was updated? Cause styrbar wasn’t working today, so I had to reboot the hub.

Anyway, I noticed something strange, as it wasn’t working I opened history and here is what pops out:

As this is 4 button remote, and I presume in creating driver, something from 5-button code was used in creating this driver, but that is not a problem. Problem is how does it register pressing and holding fifth button (“main”), if it doesn’t exist ? :sweat_smile:

The driver was updated, just a small improvement to the group capability and I added refresh capability to write some extra logs on refresh. I think when the profile changes this is what can cause a reboot to be required. (The profile changed because I added refresh capability)

The main button is a virtual button, it will press or held when any of the other buttons are pressed or held. It’s meant as a convenience, for automations. ( It was inherited from the driver this was based upon)

Aha ok, this makes sence now :blush:

Can you help me with this scene opitons? I’m rather new to this so please explain simply if possible :pray:

So how can I use scenes, how to adress them etc? I see in drivers settings that I can enter number, but what does this number reffer to, or if I enter there number for example 12, I presume it will “call” scene 12, but how to adress scene to be numbered like that, just fin name “12” or somewhere else?


I’m not sure what you mean by ‘Scenes’ (There is a smartthings concept of scenes, an ikea concept of scenes - the setting you mention is to do with neither of those)

Can you explain exactly what you are trying to achieve?

Yes, sorry. I see now it reffers to groups, not scenes. SoI’m not trying to achieve anything special, only want to know capability that I have with this driver, because if I know what it can do, maybe I get a good idea to use it.

So in settings of this driver you have option to enter number. This number reffers to “group”, so if I create group of lights, I presume I have to create some sort of identification number of this group (if yes, how-where?) so that this function could be working. If I understood this correct, then if I set in driver setting group “12” then pressing/holding styrbar button would execute this for “group 12”, right?

It’s a good question, and re-reading the thread I realise it’s not really clear so I will try and spell out the 3 ways the driver can be used below

Option 1. Smartthings In control

  • Configure each button press in smartthings to do something e.g turn on a light
  • You configure the button presses on the main screen of the driver, or within automations
  • You can control any kind of device zigbee, lan virtual etc etc
  • You don’t need use the group preference in settings, just ignore that it exists
  • It operates locally on your hub, if the device you are controlling is also local
  • When you press a button, the remote sends a message to your hub, the hub then executes what ever automations are set to trigger

Option 2. Group Bindings

  • Configure each remote control and light within the same group by using the settings
  • You can only control zigbee devices that also support the group feature (see @Mariano_Colmenarejo lightbulb driver above)
  • You put your lights and remote in the same group
  • It operates locally (in fact when using groups they will continue to work even when the hub gets turned off)
  • When you press a button, the remote sends a message directly to your light, the light has to know how to understand that message (it also sends the same message to the hub)
  • You have less flexibility because not all button presses will trigger actions on the bulb (for styrbar with ikea lights, power on, power off, dim up and dim down work)
  • You get native dimming capability (this is impossible locally on smartthings using opt 1)
  • Groups can support multiple lights - So I have mine control a set of 5 GU10 lights in my ceiling - the lights are controlled in unison as a group so they come on, go off, dim and brighten as a group

Option 3. Best Of Both

  • You can combine option 1 and 2 because messages go to both the group and the hub
  • This would allow you to have dimmer controls going directly to the bulb using groups, but left and right controls triggering automations within ST
  • It is possible to also perform action on the on/off or held commands within smartthings whilst also bound to a group (an example would be you want dimming capability for you main light, but an on click to turn on the main light and a plug in lamp) This should work but I haven’t tried it.


I have made changes to see the groups added in history events and delete all group or single group.

I have published the changes in the beta channel driver

In the end I have made a custom capability, but it is not visible in the details view or in automations.
I use it to show the groups in the event history of the device.
Every time one or all of the groups are added or deleted an event is emitted which is seen in the Event History.

If you want to see in the history which groups have been added, write 0 in add group and save it.
The only thing that is a bit confusing is that if there is no change in the value, nothing is executed. This is because the infochanged runs every hour and could delete some group.

Thanks @Mariano_Colmenarejo

It sounds great - I’ll check it out.

Do you have plans to merge this into your main light bulb driver or are you going to keep groups separate?

When you add 0 to view all groups, is this based upon the history the driver knows about or is this reading the binding table out into history?

Thanks again for your support on this

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A tip for anybody using the group capability, adding the remote to a group doesn’t always work. This is often because the remote has gone to sleep.

A way to help make sure your change does work is the following

  • Go into preferences and make your change - but don’t click save
  • Press a button on your remote control - any is fine
  • Immediately hit save

Pressing the button wakes the remote from sleep and increases your chances of the group binding happening

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Yes, I Will merge this driver with the zigbee Multifuntion Mc

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I use the GetGroupMembership command of the cluster 0x0004. According to recomendation of @veonua
device:send(Groups.server.commands.GetGroupMembership(device, {}))

Remove a single Group from preferences value:
device:send(Groups.server.commands.RemoveGroup(device, device.preferences[id]))

Remove All Grroups:
device:send(Groups.server.commands.RemoveAllGroups(device, {}))

I think, All devices with cluster 0x0004 in his fingerprint can use groups


Huh, every time I try to change something, I find out again, how big rookie I am with this :sweat_smile:
I know I’m probably borring, but I just cannot find this group function anywhere.
I installed Mariano’s driver, I installed your driver, I’ve rebooted hub, deleted app cache, but I don’t know where to look anymore.
I can enter group number in settings of your styrbar driver, but how do I put lights in group (ok, I know how to put them, but how to associate any lights group with group preference of styrbar driver)?

Thank you for patience

On Mariano’s driver there is a similar setting where you can add lights to a group.

So choose a random number, say 77, enter in settings on bulb and remote.

Make sure to pay attention to the tip further up the thread

I don’t see that my bulbs are using any driver, so it must be that my bulbs are not compatible with Mariano’s driver, or I have to re-connect them to hub