Ikea motion sensor

The battery life of the motion sensor is quite good, but it still goes dead without showing low percentage values.

I paired the new model of the sensor to my V2 hub, but it fails to detect motion, any tips to what I can try?

Try to re-pair it again.

Thanks, it works now with the re-pair., but I had to use the classic app to pair again. The new app somehow didn’t get it. Battery has dropped to 33% though, is this at all reliable info?

Time will tell, but you will see that the battery will go up and down again and again.

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Here is a summary and my success in pairing the new IKEA Motion sensor E1745 with SmartThings v3 in Australia.

The Australian ST compatibility only lists the older version however I was able to pair it with my ST. Her is what I did. I opened the new ST app on my phone, clicked to add new device by brand, selects IKEA the motion sensor.

Once the process of scanning is initiated, press the pairing button 4 times and not the 10sec as instructed.

My motion sensor detects motion quickly about 1sec however it takes about 2-3min to reset, meaning it will show motion detected for a minimum period of 2-3min.


The instructions are there still for the old version.

That is the expected behavior for the motion sensor, it has a 3 minutes grace period, when it is blind. It is due to battery preservation purposes.

It’s still a nice cheap motion sensor that works directly with the ST Hub, if you don’t need a fast detecting sensor.

Unfortunately the DH is cloud execution one. But I fully agree with you. I have few…

Guys, what’s the current status of the DH for the E1745 Motion Sensor? I bought a smattering of Tradfri gear yesterday to add to my V3 hub and this sensor is the one unit that will not connect. Open to info from the brains trust on the steps to get this functional…

Looks like I posted too soon. I followed the instructions provided by @crashtest and it worked first time. For those that are following

  • Open the back of the sensor to expose the three buttons
  • Initiate the pairing process as normal
  • Instead of holding the link button down for 10 seconds, press the link button four times.
  • Wait a few seconds for the connection to complete. If nothing within, say, 15 seconds then repeat the four button presses.

My sensor connected after three cycles of button presses.

Good luck all

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@BroderickCarlin, would be possible to update that instructions in the app?