Ikea motion sensor

@Arnqvist what IKEA store did you fint them in? I looked at Barkaby but they didn’t have them

It was purchased in Sweden.

In Umeå. They hade then in the shelves but they were not for sale yet. But i managed to talk them into selling it to me anyway:)

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Thank you! I will read it as soon as I have the time!

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I’ve started reading up on this tonight but I realize I don’t have the time right now since I have some build projects at home and a pregnant wife. I’ll try to chip in some hours here and there though.

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Did anyone got this working?

Now in US.

i’d love those remotes next to the beds in the house.

FYI - both the fixed light colour and adjustable warmth bulbs work with ST - but you have to literally have the bulb within 5 cm (yes cm) of the hub to pair them. After that they work fine at a distance.

These are available in the UK too.


The remote looks great and id love to use it to set the alarm at night.

Does anyone know if i could do that? Use it as a button press for other actions?

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Did anyone get this working? I’m tempted to pick one up

i bought the same kit today from Ikea (UK) and got the bulb working ok but can’t get the sensor showing.
have you managed to get yours connected at all @Arnqvist

well ive managed to add the motion sensor as a "Thing"
i pressed the pairing button 4 times fast and the LED blinks to show its been reset,
then held the pair button for 10 secs and it popped up as a thing on the ST app so i have the zigbee code now.
i have tried every motion sensor device handler in the list as well as the xiaomi motion & Hue motion but none show motion.
i’m going to have a read up to see how to create a device handler see if i can figure it out but not holding much hope with me figuring it out lol

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No I have not unfortunately. I did also try every DH i could find and ended up trying for myself. But I never got that far. I only got the Zigbee code swell and tried to sort it out. You can see my older post about that. But we got a new baby so there was really not much time over for me for this.

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I think i may be getting closer ( very slowly lol) @Arnqvist
found these so i think i know what the remaining clusters are now , ill keep digging
0B05 Diagnostics cluster
0019 Upgrade cluster
1000 ZLL Commissioning

Nice going!!

Anybody made any progress on that motion sensor of ikea? :slight_smile:


Just wanted to ‘bump’ this thread to see if anyone has successfully gotten the Ikea Motion Sensor working with ST. I’ve got several of their Zigbee bulbs and they work really well for me…I’d love to use the Motion Sensor, too, since it’s cheaper than some of the other motion sensors out there.

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I wish they had :frowning:
I’ve not had any luck I found out the fingerprints above but they wouldn’t work for me.
Need someone far smarter than me to have a go.
I believe it’s because it’s not standard zigbee they’ve used there own code and it needs zigbee sniffers to trace it , but that’s beyond me lol

I’ve just saw a video of a guy which successfully added IKEA bulb to his smart-things.
take a look here