Ikea Fyrtur Smart Blinds (August 2019 in Europe, Late 2019 in US)

I think we will be living on Mars by the time these devices are released…unless they ask amazon for help…because that seems ro.be the only company that can get a product out fast.

The Ikea Fyrtur blinds are now available in Canada



The St.Louis, Missouri store has stock on the 30” and 32” Fyrtur blinds. I signed up to be notified when they arrived.
Three of my windows are slated to get their blinds but i need 34” Those probably will be coming soon.

I just got off the phone with a rep from IKEA. Sizes other than 30” and 32” will be available December 2019 in the United States.

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I am picking up the IKEA Fyrtur smart blinds tomorrow! They have all the sizes listed online but they can’t be purchased and shipped to me online. I had to pay online and pick up in store.

Thay have the 23", 27" 30", 32", 34" 36", and 48" widths

Fortunately the IKEA store is on my way home from work.

I got the 34" wide blinds for now. All total I need 7 but that will be done in stages.

Homekit support is finally on the way for ikea blinds

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Was at the store in Charlotte and I was surprised to see them. Immediately put 4 36” in my cart. Wife immediately took them out…


Anyone using the battery powered one? How long it lasts between charges?

OK, that’s hilarious. Good to know though. That’s my IKEA too. I won’t take my wife.


Oh man, I check IKEA stock several times a day. I need 7 more of the 34” blinds. I would gladly take those 4. They have been out of stock of the 34” for weeks at the St. Louis store.

I finally got these working great with ST. Google Home still insists on me telling one particular blind to turn on or off instead of open or close. Comparing the Google commands shows the commands for all 3 blinds are exactly the same.

Hey guys have a question. How would.i cut the shade to fit? It does not seem like it would cover the whole window & I am wondering if it’s easy to trim?

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Thanks. So have any of you guys have to trim your shades to.make them.fir?

Online inventory is not correct so you have to go by or call the store. They can also tell you when they will be getting them too.


How do you have each blind named? Google seems sensitive to the name of a device when controlling them.

The shades are named Living Room Shade, Lynn’s Shade and Tom’s Shade. Naturally my shade is the one with issues. If I tell Google to open Tom’s Shade I get the message the device has not been set up or something like that. I can say Open Lynn’s Shade and that shade opens. Same with the Living Room Shade. I have checked and rechecked the Google routine for Tom’s Shade is exactly the same as for the other shades.

I called and the automated system said they were out of stock. The app says they are out of stock. My wife is tired of the whining so we are going there this weekend.


Names with punctuation, including apostrophes, often confuse speech recognition systems.

Try changing the name to “ shades of Tom” and see if it helps. :sunglasses:

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I renamed Tom’s Shade to Shade as you recommended. Once again, your knowledge and kind assistance corrected my issue. Thank you!