Ikea Fyrtur Smart Blinds (August 2019 in Europe, Late 2019 in US)

I went to IKEA today and there are no 34” or larger blinds/shades in stock. Just like their website and app say. So i go to an employee and ask her when they are expecting new stock. She goes to their computer and enters the model number 504.74.164 for the 34” blinds. She says they are DISCONTINUED. :weary: Here’s hoping she is wrong. These were just introduced and are getting mostly great reviews.

Added later : IKEA ‘s email reply stated they are having supplier issues. No idea when they will be back in stock, but at least they aren’t discontinued.

Update: After gradually rolling out to IKEA stores around the United States in October, IKEA has now made the FYTUR and KADRILJ smart blinds available for online purchase as well.


I am wanting 9 of the 34” blinds. Not wanting to be greedy I tried to order 3 online. Nope. How about 2. Nope. So I paid a total of $217.84 for 1 blind that sells for $159 in the store. Shipping is $49.00.
No one is twisting my arm to buy this but dang. $49 shipping and I am an IKEA family member. :sunglasses:

The 34” blind arrived today. I still cannot order another one. Web site says “Article not buyable”.

Ikea FYRTUR blinds integration has been added to ST


New app only?

I don’t know the answer

Looks like shipping charges have dropped. The shipping charge was $199 in my area for past several weeks. This week they are $5.

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It is only with the new app.

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I don’t know the answer. To add the integration, the new app is required. Whether they can be used in the Classic app with the new integration, I do not know.

I want to purchase some but the shipping costs were deferring me from purchasing. Now that it appears the shipping costs have dropped in my area, I may get some.

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Get ready to wait… ordered mine April 11 and ETA is May 18th.

The ones I have now work great with a custom DH in the groovy ide


they are hub connected (zigbee), so should work in both apps.

There is a dh in github for the shade and the button.