Ikea Fyrtur Smart Blinds (August 2019 in Europe, Late 2019 in US)

I called and the automated system said they were out of stock. The app says they are out of stock. My wife is tired of the whining so we are going there this weekend.


Names with punctuation, including apostrophes, often confuse speech recognition systems.

Try changing the name to “ shades of Tom” and see if it helps. :sunglasses:

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I renamed Tom’s Shade to Shade as you recommended. Once again, your knowledge and kind assistance corrected my issue. Thank you!


I went to IKEA today and there are no 34” or larger blinds/shades in stock. Just like their website and app say. So i go to an employee and ask her when they are expecting new stock. She goes to their computer and enters the model number 504.74.164 for the 34” blinds. She says they are DISCONTINUED. :weary: Here’s hoping she is wrong. These were just introduced and are getting mostly great reviews.

Added later : IKEA ‘s email reply stated they are having supplier issues. No idea when they will be back in stock, but at least they aren’t discontinued.

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