Ikea Fyrtur Smart Blinds (August 2019 in Europe, Late 2019 in US)

Fortunately, there are already others coming at the same price point, for example:

And maybe (just maybe) in 2019 we will finally get motorized blinds which do not cost a fortune. Although with both IKEA and SOMA you need to install these by yourself, but the installation seems pretty straightforward.

What’s your cost per window working out to?


the Fyrtur shades will cost between $129 — $179 in the US, depending on the size, making them far cheaper than most other smart blind solutions.

Update June 14th, 12:36pm: Added price information for the shades and updated post to reflect that Ikea will only be selling the Fyrtur blackout model in the US.


So the question here should be, will the smartthings app be updated to include these curtains?

If I was a betting man, i’d say yes…eventually. There doesn’t seem to be a technical reason they couldn’t and history shows SmartThings has, or is working on, the rest of the Ikea Tradfri catalog.

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Alright then, not exactly gospel, but here’s to hoping. I could really use these in my life, but without a centralised app for control, it’s just not going to happen.

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Nothing on this forum should be taken as gospel. We’re all users making (somewhat educated) guesses.


Oh, no offence meant, I appreciate all the input offered. I just didn’t know how involved the smartthings admins are in these forums. Going by your comment, I’m guessing ‘not much’?

It varies. They’ll pop in and out to help, but it’s very rare to hear any future plans.

Officially, this is a peer to peer forum for customers to help other customers. Some employees drop by on their own time, but they don’t make official announcements on future plans.

There’s a different official Samsung forum with employees assigned to participate. But they don’t usually reveal future plans for SmartThings either. The link to those forums is in the following FAQ:

SmartThings Beginner’s Guide (2019)

The shades themselves works out of the box, just change dht to zigbee window shades. The open and close are reversed, but it works. The button is not recognized, not can control shades after pair with smartthings


A handler here if anyone would find it useful.


I’m assuming these are Zigbee, in-line with the rest of the ikea smart home lineup.

Could wait a couple weeks for official support :wink:

Not sure what the advantage of waiting is over using a custom handler now. It all works 100% as far as I can see.

Right now, no advantage. Sorry if it sounded like I was detracting from your work on the custom DTH.

In the future, there could obviously be some advantages. Won’t run into the stale community DTH bug, possibly run local in the future, possibly provide firmware updates, etc.


So we going to see the Galaxy Home or Ikea Ssmart blinds first?

And :laughing: at the Verge subtitle.