11 times a day!? :sweat_smile: LOL. That was me for the first few days.
I’m also making the assumption that the battery level is accurate. Apparently the battery level isn’t even shown on the original tradfri app so there is a chance it’s not accurate.

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I just called ikea & they said for the nj stores it looks like the blinds will be released on Oct 7.

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So that would mean ~440 days for a set of batteries.


I just called and they don’t see any coming to either Ohio locations all the way through mid November :sob:

I’ve been counting down the days for the US release. I guess I’ll be counting even longer :frowning:

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Possibly not an accurate battery monitor, Ikea state once per day up and down, leads to 4-6 months before charging, i’m doing this as an experiment as we have a rental I’m thinking of fitting these to…

Having some difficulty at present with the accuracy of the positions, it doesn’t always know where the bottom is…

update (Oct. 2, 2019) Release of the Ikea blinds in the US has been delayed until later in 2019

  1. Classic app, with the DTH above
  2. Correct

I’ve read the battery is supposed to last a year with average use, whatever that means.

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Thanks for the DH, its excellent.

I have created a routine for the blind and I am finding that the %open values are not ideal for my setup.

Can I either set a maximum open/close in the DH or can I edit the Hello Home app?

It’s the “shadeAction” value that is incorrect.

Three blinds installed, working well, I had to cut two to size, I did this by following this guide, if anyone else is interested


There’s a couple of videos like this, I’ve cut ours down to sit inside the reveal, using them on the remote buttons.

Our small testing using the DH shows 8 days in, down to 70% battery now

Anyone got the switches to do anything ? Got them paired with SmartThing, loaded button smartapp, but can’t get them to do anything useful. My plan was to use them as dimmer-switches for some Hue Lights, but no luck so far.

_ Update - The buttons now works as switch/dimmers , but I feel they are slow and “sluggish” compared to Hue and Samsung.

Is it possible to pair the button directly to the blind for some local control, after the blind has been added to ST?
If IKEA are members of the ‘Works with ST programme’ do they not also provide code for the various zigbee buttons and switches they stock…

Can you explain exactly what you mean here?

15 days of use, from a 100% charged battery, with 11 movements per day currently leaves us on a 62% charge left, if that’s at all accurate as a battery monitor


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Managed to pair mine far away from my hub which I was surprised about.

Tried to set the maximum drop by double pushing the button on the blind however it then stops responding in ST.

How do you set the maximum drop ?

Also battery percent works well so far down to 82% :slight_smile:

I have no issues setting maximum length as you described. It will not disconnect from smartthings unless you reset the blind.

Hey @a4refillpad, nice to see you back and active in here.

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Hi Wayne, hope all is well?

Would you mind if I use your ‘blinds’ icons for my Soma DH please? I have not published it to GH and not sure if I ever will but if I do I will PM you first to discuss. In the mean time I am just using, well trying to develop it for personal use ONLY.



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Sure! I’ve already seen others use it elsewhere, it is nice of you to ask. :slightly_smiling_face:

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