FYRTUR remote

I went out and got three Furtur roller shades and so far they’ve been working great. But I’m running into an odd issue with the remote. I’m able to pair it with the ST hub no problem, and it seems to work. But for some reason when I tell it “On Press set SHADES to Closed” it works, but it also seems to tell me Xioami zigbee curtains to open.

I’ve delete the remote and tried with a couple of them and they keep doing this. I’ve made sure that I didn’t select the curtains, and they aren’t even in the same room in the app.

Are you also resetting the remote to remove any zigbee bindings?

Hadn’t tried that yet.

Ok, reset the remote. No change

Interesting thing to note too, is that as soon as I connect the button to my hub it will start to control my Xiaomi curtain motor, even when no actions are assigned to button presses.