Ikea 5 button remote killing batteries

This is the response I got back from support… Sadly pretty useless…

"This is Diedra from Samsung Smartthings, thank you for all of your time and patience as we work to resolve the issue with your Ikea button draining batteries fast. I did send this up to our developers for a response. They ask for you to reboot your hub by unplugging it and removing the batteries for 10 to 15 minutes to re-sync it to our cloud.

If this does not work, the last step from our end would be to delete the hub and fully factory reset it then add the hub and devices back. This is an older V2 hub which has been running over 4 years, so the reset can help. Before doing this they do recommend that the buttons be replaced incase the issue is on the buttons end.

If you have any other concerns please dont hesitate to call us at 1-800-Samsung Mon through Sat 9AM till 9PM EST."

I will go back to the Ikea hub i see no other option

Far, far beyond that. It is utterly shameful and beggars belief.

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I raised a ticket from the app explaining the problem, and 2 days later I got an email from them asking me to describe the problem…so I cut and pasted the same text… but from from the looks of it, when they eventually get back to me, I will also be asked to reset my hub, as the developers look like they have slopey shoulders / can’t be bothered to fix something they broke in the first place, with untested code releases!

The Zigbee stacks do get beta tested alongside the hub firmware. This issue was reported in testing.

Can you tell I have a bee in my bonnet about it?


You can add me to the list… I have 7 of them… All dead. V2 Hub running 5.2.1…

Shopping for a Zigbee stick and considering moving everything to HASS…

Interestingly, only my 5 button remote and my shortcut button have been impacted by this. I have three of the wireless dimmer buttons and those are all still working without issue.

I set up home assistant on a whim and it has been great with the SmartThings integration. Any Zigbee sticks that you have come across yet that might be worth trying? Worst case maybe I move those buttons that don’t work over to HA.

When my family bought our new house I knew based on the size of the house I would need some form of automation system… And I fell in love with Smarthings and ZWave. Stated with the 9 thermostats in the house and added switches and plugs from there.

Also on a whim (and with a extra Pi that I had) I started with HA and discovered that it was easier to code and it integrated with my WiFi security Camera system and the WiFi Alarm system and wired motion sensors that were in the house. I pulled all of the automation off of Smartthings and now just use it just as a ZWave Hub and a bridge to the “voice assistants” …

Last winter we added 7 Zigbee Blinds to the Master Bedroom. They worked great until about 2 weeks ago…

I’m going to order a GoControl stick and give it a try.

When I first encountered the issue new batteries were being eaten in about 24 hours or at a push well within 48 hours. None survived. This time around (since the V2 hub firmware update) things have been slightly different. It was more like two or three days - long enough for me to hope something had been fixed. As I’ve mentioned before I have, by good fortune, got a v2 hub that has older Zigbee firmware on it and as the problem isn’t present there (or not so in your face and much subtler if it is) I’ve moved my buttons there so I can’t speak with authority on what is happening at the moment - I’ve changed about twenty or thirty batteries which is enough for me. However I do have one button still on the Zigbee 5.2.1 hub. That lasted two weeks or so, went splat overnight, and has since lasted a week or so on new batteries.

My problem has been exclusively with the On/Off (dimmer) battery because until I bought a Shortcut button yesterday that is all I had.

My mesh is rather different to it was two months ago so that could be a factor. I also remain a bit suspicious of Tradfri outlets repeating behaviour.

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The batteries in my blinds are all now reporting an issue… One blind was dead last night… Samsung is reporting that two more are “extra low”…

Anyone know when Samsung is going to fix this?

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Here’s something interesting.
1st gen remote has a different firmware

2nd Gen

My 1st gen 5 button remote is working just fine. In fact it still has the Ikea battery.

Interesting. The remotes that are still working for me all have the 0x14018610 firmware (regular dimming button) and the ones that are an issue (5 button remote) have firmware 0x23014631. Might be something to that.

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If this helps my dead IKEA Buttons are all on
Target Version: 0x22008631

It happens with 0x22010631 too, which is the latest I have, and I believe the latest version. I understand you read it as 2.2.010 with the last digits being the device type so 631 is the On/Off buttons.

The release notes also mention a 2.3.028 Zigbee 3.0 release for their ‘Wireless Dimmer’ which predates 2.2.010 by months. This is confusing as that is how they market the On/Off switch in the UK. I think it must be a different product.

It also seems to unaffected by routing through outlets, and by the firmware of those outlets, or not in an obvious way if it is.

Update: I do note that the Shortcut button firmware also ends in 631 but is at 2.3.015. I haven’t seen problems with that yet but haven’t had it long.

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Does anyone know if the buttons are dying if they are driven from the IKEA Gateway? Given that Zigbee gateway is super cheap (~$35) it might be cheaper to add one of those then replace all of my batteries again?

I don’t think the problem is happening with their own Gateway, but then you will lose Integration with smartthings. The ZIgbee profile that smartthings uses only allows for one coordinator per network, so the IKEA button can work with their own Gateway or with smartthings but not both. It’s not like the hue bridge where you can get an integration at the bridge level. :disappointed_relieved:

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Understood… My plan now is to use the IKEA hub as my Zigbee Gateway… Smartthings as my ZWave Gateway… and then I integrate everything VIA Home Assistant.

I had already successfully programed one of the 7 buttons to be a HA trigger… The IKEA button, talks to Samsung V2 Hub… which calls the Samsung cloud… which calls my raspberry pi which then calls some server in China to turn on a Wifi Smartlife wall switch… With amazing sub-second latency…

The only Zigbee gizmos I have are the 7 IKEA smart blinds, and their buttons and range extenders/repeaters.

If this isn’t a problem with the IKEA hub/gateway then it seems unlikely that they would be working on this.
Given that this has been a problem for almost a month now I would bet that it is a low priority for Samsung too.

The Home Assistant forums are noting that many of the USB Zigbee sticks that HA uses ALSO have the the IKEA battery problem…

Yes, it appears to be affecting several different Zigbee hubs, not just smartthings. But as you note, if it doesn’t affect ikea’s own Gateway, they aren’t as motivated to fix it.

And so fate was tempted … That button is suddenly down at 16%.

After numerous email exchanges with Samsung support, I am of the opinion that Samsung are not interested in diagnosing or fixing this issue. Their level of support is first-level only (i.e. only interested in going through re-pairing processes) and not prepared to escalate the level of support.

All mine suddenly died about 2 weeks ago, from what I assume was a ZigBee update. It killed off my Tradfri buttons (5-button and 2-button dimmer) and subsequent new battery and re-pairing looks promising, but disappear within 12-24 hours.